Keysight’s S8810A MIMO OTA Emulator Toolset solves the testing challenges by accurately simulating the characteristics of real-world radio channel conditions. With the toolset, you can reliably and cost-effectively emulate MIMO OTA radio channel models to test your 5G devices within a laboratory environment.

Verified MIMO performance significantly improves network optimization and the quality of service for mobile device users.

The S8810A toolset provides:

  • Verfied channel models for CTIA, CCSA, 3GPP, and mobile operator (LTE) mandated MIMO OTA test plans
  • Extended test plans targeted by the 3GPP NR MIMO OTA Rel16 work item to cover 5G MIMO device validation
  • Support by the major system integrators with validated performance in their MPAC test environments for comprehensive OTA testing

The toolset is based on Keysight F8800A PROPSIM F64 or F8820A PROPSIM FS16 multiport RF channel emulator platform with MIMO OTA radio channel models. 

The toolset is extendable with Keysight E7515B UXM Wireless Test Platform to emulate 5G NR and LTE cells for MIMO OTA device testing. Keysight is the first to market to provide customers with the option to have an integrated channel emulation and network emulation solution for 5G device MIMO OTA testing.

S8810A for FR1 MIMO OTA Testing

Integrated solution with Keysight’s channel- and network emulation capabilities

S8810A MIMO OTA Emulator Toolset is validated by industry-leading system integrators. It is used by major mobile operators for device MIMO OTA performance testing.

The integrated solution provides ready and validated industry standard MIMO OTA channel models and network emulation, as well as future-proof RF performance to meet high-order modulation requirements

The unique FAST-OTA capability of the S8810A toolset provides up to 12x faster device MIMO OTA testing compared to the conventional MIMO OTA test methods.

S8708A for FR2 MIMO OTA Testing

5G NR mmWave deployments rely on full mobility support and 3D beamforming at the base station and the mobile device. RF propagation conditions at mmWave frequencies are much more challenging compared to FR1 frequencies due to high blocking.

Keysight’s S8708A 5G Advanced Performance Test Toolset enables users to validate mmWave mobile devices prior to deployment, supporting:

  • Device MIMO OTA data performance testing under spatial fading channel conditions
  • Device multi-beam MIMO OTA testing under clean and fading channel conditions
  • Validated test tools for 5G NR mmWave device testing

F9860A Channel Studio

Keysight’s F9860A Channel Studio is a state-of-the-art radio propagation channel modeling software for real-time testing and performance evaluation of devices, radio systems, and transceivers. It simplifies the creation of multi-link test scenarios for wireless testing and special radio systems testing. Channel Studio supports user-defined 3D spatial scenarios and dynamic modeling of movement for 5G testing:

  • 3GPP 38.901 CDL FR1 and FR2 models
  • UMi, UMa, O2I and I2O
  • SCME

The F9860A Channel Studio supports importing 3D antenna models. It offers 3GPP-defined channel models to test V2X safety applications as well as for on board Wi-Fi and cellular connection. In addition, device-to-device topologies are supported. The F9860A Channel Studio provides an interface to import data, which allows advanced users to bring test scenarios from external simulation tools.

Nemo 5G Device Analytics

Nemo 5G Device Analytics is an in-depth troubleshooting, bench marking, and analytics software for 5G chipset and device testing in labs.

Nemo 5G Device Analytics correlates messages from a 5G signal emulator, such as the Keysight UXM, and UE messages, making troubleshooting more intuitive and efficient. Moreover, automated anomaly and problem detection with diagnosis can fast track the troubleshooting process.

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