• DisplayPort Compliance Test according to the DP1.4a PHY CTS rev1.1
  • Supports DP, mDP and USB-C© connectors
  • Full USB-C interface control: CC orientation, DP Alternate Mode, Power Delivery Contracts
  • AUX channel physical layer testing
  • Test Automation with Unigraf’s DPR-100 AUX Channel controller


  • Setup wizard for guided configuration and test selection
  • Configurability of test parameters to support debug and characterization tasks
  • Switching solution for automated multilane testing
  • Remote programming toolkit to integrate in test automation environments

The Keysight D9040DPPC DisplayPort Compliance and Validation Test Software sets the benchmark for ease-of-use and offers complete testing without compromise. The software guides the user sequentially through the tasks ensuring minimal setup error, executes the tests specified by the current DisplayPort 1.4a PHY CTS and conveys the test information through a convenient software-generated report. Included in the test suite are tests for inrush current and AUX channel PHY layer testing.

Complete your Product validation work in record time with the Keysight D9010AGGC Compliance Test Software Measurement Server. Install D9010AGGC on several computers or virtual machines, instruct the D9040DPPC DisplayPort Compliance and Validation Test Software to offload measurement tasks and run the full test suite up to three times faster.

For full-size and mini DisplayPort connectors, Keysight recommends the Wilder Technologies Test Point Adapters. The recommended accessories to test USB-C products are the Keysight N7015A Test Point Adapter and the N7018A Type-C Controller. These accessories give validation engineers full control of the interface, allowing them to test the Product Under Test under all supported DisplayPort Alternate Modes and Power Delivery Contracts.

The automated switching solution provides users the ability to eliminate reconnections and potential errors, simplifying testing and saving time, maintaining measurement accuracy with Keysight’s D9010DMBA software to compensate switch path losses and skew.

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