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Photovoltaic Array Simulation Solution

Test Photovoltaic / Solar Array Inverters, up to 1,500 V, up to 12 inputs 

Keysight’s PV array simulation solution consists of the N8900APV Series PV array simulator hardware and two photovoltaic software packages to choose from: the DG8900 SAS control/curve generation software and the DG9000 advance/multi-input PV inverter test software.

The PV array simulators are autoranging, programmable DC power sources that simulate the output characteristics of a PV array under different environmental conditions (temperature, irradiance, age, cell technology, etc.) enabling you to quickly and comprehensively test inverter MPPT algorithms and inverter efficiency. The DG8900 SAS Control software allows the user to control one N8900APV or a group of supplies connected in parallel. Control the output as well as easily create, visualize, and download solar / photovoltaic I-V curves to the instrument using the Curve Workspace. Once a curve has been downloaded to an N8900APV, the user can enable the output and watch as their PV inverter searches for the maximum power point, gaining insight into their MPPT algorithm.

The NEW DG9000 PV Inverter Test software has the same features as the DG8900, but allows control from one to twelve N8900APV units, or groups of supplies connected in parallel.

DG8900 SAS Control Software

To easily compare your efficiency to your competitors and maximize your appeal to customers, the DG8900 SAS control software has automated static and dynamic EN50530 MPPT test. Simply input the test parameters, such as Pmp, Vmp, etc., click “Start Test” and the SAS Control App does the rest. Once the test is complete, SAS Control Pro creates a report formatted to the EN50530 standard as well as a log file with all of the measurements from the test.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easily view and control your N8900APV Series PV Array Simulator from the Control tab

  • Perform simple functions, such as setting voltage, current and OVP as well as turn the output on/off
  • Set the instrument mode: SAS or Power Supply
  • View the programmed I-V and power curves, maximum power point, and the active I-V and power points (SAS mode only)

Quickly create and download photovoltaic I-V curves from the Curve Workspace tab

  • Create PV curves according to Sandia, EN50530, and Keysight’s proprietary (N8900APV) models
  • Choose between Basic and Advanced curve generation
  • Graphically view the curve before sending it to the instrument

Create static and dynamic EN50530 test reports with one click from the MPPT Efficiency tab (DG8901A upgrade required after 30-day free trial)

  • Automated test to the EN50530 standard
  • Automated reports formatted to the EN50530 standard
  • Full log file with all the measurements from the test

DG9000A Advanced / Multi-Input PV Inverter Test Software

Existing test standards don’t address the testing of innovative multiple-input designs, missing 99% of the possible test points, and this leads to inaccurate representations of energy conversion. The DG9000 software helps you avoid this scenario with testing that accounts for real-world operation of multi-input inverter designs. Going beyond outdated standards, it enables quick and easy analysis that covers more operating points. Broad coverage helps you pinpoint problems and correct them before they reach your customers.

The DG9000 PV Inverter Test Software helps you innovate in testing with a solution that combines extensive test data with informative analysis. We’re filling in the gaps the standards haven’t yet addressed, covering more of the missing 99% and enabling testing of PV inverters that have up to 12 inputs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent user interface with single point of control, configuration, management, and I-V curve generation for up to 12 separate 1500 V SAS channels (15-300kW/ea)
  • Swap between / view MPPT operation on up to 12 separate I-V curves; software automatically calculates combined I-V curves from multiple separate SAS channels connected in parallel
  • Synchronized dynamic I-V curve scaling across separate SAS channels
  • Test data dashboard aggregates/displays time-synchronized real-time measurements of voltage, current, power, and MPPT efficiency for up to 12 independent MPPTs and/or 12 separate PV inverter inputs
  • Synchronized time-stamped data logging of all theoretical (programmed) and actual (measured) operating characteristics

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