Threat Simulator SANS Review

SANS had the opportunity to explore the Threat Simulator platform from Keysight Technologies, which has a very strong background in attack simulation and controls validation. In the review, SANS found Threat Simulator to be:

  • Packed with a comprehensive set of attack and testing scenarios and use cases
  • Easy to use, with an intuitive interface and ample visualization capabilities that make it simple to build complex attack paths
  • Highly capable of automating any types of assessments we could imagine, which allows for nuanced testing and repeatability
  • Enabled for continuous validation thanks to easy scheduling of assessment

You're not as safe as you think you are

Here are real world examples of what we have found for our partners and customers:

  • For a global food and beverage manufacturer, Threat Simulator found that 80 % of attacks were not being blocked
  • For a local government council in the US, Threat Simulator revealed that 70 % of attacks were getting through perimeter defenses because they didn't have SSL inspection in place
  • For a US FinTech, Threat Simulator found their web application firewall (WAF) was missing 32 % of high-severity web application attacks and 50 % of all security attacks

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