The N1076B Electrical Clock Recovery provides standards-compliant clock recovery capability on electrical NRZ and PAM4 signals from 125 MBd up to 64 GBd.


  • 125 MBd to 64 GBd data rate range (continuous) on electrical NRZ and PAM4 data signals
  • Standards-compliant clock recovery (“Golden PLL”) with adjustable peaking and loop bandwidth (to 20 MHz)
  • Lock onto degraded signals (“closed eyes”) using a built-in variable equalizer (Option EVA)
  • Gain insight into root cause(s) for jitter using Jitter Spectrum Analysis (Option JSA). Perform compliant PLL bandwidth and peaking measurements using 86100DU-400 PLL Analysis software
What's included:
  • USB cable (for connection to DCA-X mainframe or user-supplied PC)
  • Power cord

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