SL106XX Measurement & Control Module



Keysight SL106XX Series Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules add measurement and control capability to our battery test systems. It is easy to track correlations between battery behavior and other physical measurements as the modules seamlessly integrate into the Energy Storage Discover software, and all measurement data is time-synchronous.

Versatile module types

Keysight offers modules with analog measurement inputs for voltages, temperature sensors, as well as a Digital I/O Module for recording and switching digital signals. A communication interface enables the integration of various field-bus systems like CAN, CAN-FD, or LIN. In a battery management system (BMS), tasks like time-synchronous recording of the state of charge (SoC) as well as the voltages and temperatures measured by the BMS are thus possible. The Terminal Control Module also makes it possible to emulate vehicle-specific interfaces via switched terminals, power supply, terminal 15, 30 etc. and control them from the test sequence.

Precise, reproducible and time-synchronous measurement data acquisition

The circuit design and the choice of electronic components meet the highest requirements, especially with respect to electromagnetic compatibility. This ensures precise and reproducible measurement data acquisition. All the measurement data is also recorded time-synchronously and provided with a synchronized time stamp in accordance with the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). This makes it possible to accurately compare and evaluate different data.

Integration in Scienlab Energy Storage Discover or the customer's software

For easy and efficient evaluation of the measurement data and activation of all the measurement modules, Keysight offers the Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) operating software shipped as standard with our battery test systems. This software automatically detects all Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules from Keysight present in the laboratory network. Using the ESD user interface, all measurement channels in a test environment can be freely assigned to the individual test channels in the test systems. ESD offers the option of using the recorded measurement data as variables in the test procedure or as limit values for abort criteria, etc. Find out more about Scienlab Energy Storage Discover.Alternatively, the Keysight’s Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules can also be integrated in the customer's software or automation solutions via the open ethernet interface.

A safe working environment, even under difficult test conditions

Keysight’s Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules have up to 16 independent measurement channels, each of which is fully electrically isolated and has an insulation voltage up to 1,000 V for safe working conditions. High insulation strength within the measuring technology is imperative, especially when working with pre-assembled high voltage batteries where the measurement sensors are usually in direct contact with the battery terminals. For this reason, the Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules offer an insulation strength of 1,000 V not only between the channels, but also between the channels and the supply voltage, the interface and the housing (PE).

Easy handling thanks to reduced cabling

The Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules from Keysight can be flexibly combined and extended, making them extremely space saving. Some of the modules can be supplied with mains power via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or a standard power supply unit. To reduce the amount of cabling required when dealing with multiple modules, the power supply and network connection can be daisy chained across several modules.

SL1060A Voltage Input – 16 Channels

The Scienlab Measurement & Control Module SL1060A from Keysight - Voltage Input ±10 V is a mobile measurement module for measuring voltages (e.g. single cell voltages in battery modules or packs). It features fully galvanically isolated measurement and supply inputs and records all measured values synchronously and with common time stamps by Precision Time Protocol (PTP). The module can be used either as a stand-alone device or as extension for a Scienlab Battery Test System.

SL1062A Thermocouple Type K – 16 Channels

The Scienlab Measurement & Control Module SL1062A – Thermocouple Type K is a portable temperature measuring module for record thermocouple - temperature sensors of type K. It features fully galvanically isolated measurement and supply inputs and records all measured values synchronously and with common time stamps by Precision Time Protocol (PTP). The module can either be used as stand[1]alone-device or as an extension of a Scienlab Battery Test System.


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