Across the globe, demand for better, faster, and more IoT medical services are on the rise. The Internet of Things for healthcare promises innovation to meet that demand. It is dramatically reshaping medical treatment, services, and patient outcomes.

As the IoT’s role in healthcare grows, so too will the unique challenges in the design and test of medical devices used. The healthcare evolution is just getting started. Keysight is poised and ready to help you lead the way.

Design and Test Solutions for Medical IoT Devices

Medical IoT devices must work right, unimpeded by interference, every time. This brochure provides a complete look at the solutions for designing, testing, and securing medical IoT devices and network infrastructure to meet the robust demands of healthcare facilities. Keysight's test solutions span the entire communications stack, from Layers 1 to 7, and cover the entire product lifecycle, from design creation to manufacturing and beyond. Download our brochure to learn more about test solutions for medical IoT devices.

Design and test solutions for IoT healthcare devices
Connected Medical IoT devices

Is Your Connected Healthcare Product Healthy

The number of connected medical IoT devices is on the rise. Hospitals have particularly dense deployments, most of which operate in the heavily congested 2.4-GHz band. Medical IoT devices are forced to compete for connectivity against interfering Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi devices operating at the same frequency, causing the likelihood of dropped network connections and issues with transmitting critical alarms. That presents a problem for medical IoT devices, which are required to work right, unimpeded by interference, every time, and where even the slightest disruption in a device’s data transmission can have potentially life-threatening consequences for a patient. This infographic outlines the impact of interference on medical IoT devices and steps on how it can be minimized.

Evolution of The Connected Healthcare System

The healthcare industry has evolved tremendously over the last five years thanks to the IoT. For healthcare professionals and patients alike, the benefits brought about by that evolution are undeniable. As a result, all new healthcare devices and tools are expected to be intelligent — with multiple sensors connected wirelessly to each other and the internet.

Read this whitepaper to see what Phil Raymond, from Philips Healthcare, and Govardhan Mattela, from Redpine Signals have to say about the evolution of healthcare IoT and gain insights into the future of IoT test solutions.

Evolution of healthcare IoT test solutions
How IoT is Transforming the Future of Healthcare

How IoT is Transforming the Future of Healthcare

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a sweeping revolution in the healthcare industry, with IoT quickly establishing itself as a critical part of modern healthcare.

This white paper explores key technological advancements in the healthcare industry are how they are helping healthcare practitioners be more efficient. Gain new insight into health trends, and understand challenges that still need to be addressed.

Overcome IoT Medical Device Design and Test Challenges

Designing and testing IoT medical devices requires a comprehensive approach and methodology to ensure the end product meets the highest standards and quality.

Bring your innovative IoT medical device to market faster with our solutions – from EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing, to wireless test and device characterization.

Innovative IoT medical device test solutions

Secure the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT)

Demand for better, faster, and more reliable medical services is on the rise. IoMT devices promise to meet that demand, and are helping to dramatically reshape medical treatment, services, and patient outcomes. However, as IoMT’s role in healthcare grows, cybersecurity threats become all the more salient.

When the stakes are this high, you can't leave anything to chance. That's why manufacturers and healthcare providers alike trust Keysight to make sure their devices can be trusted when it matters most.

Ensure Fast, Safe, Reliable Networks

Ultra-high reliability and very low latency communication are essential in healthcare IoT. Networks provide the framework for that communication and allow activities like remote surgical consultations and surgery to take place. Any communication glitch can result in a potentially catastrophic patient outcome.

Keysight network visibility solutions eliminate this risk by ensuring your network is secure, efficient, and reliable, and can support timely delivery of audio and video streaming.

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