• Waveguide to coax adapters, terminations, flush shorts, 1/4 wavelength offsets
  • WR-137 : 5.38 to 8.18 GHz
  • WR-90 : 8.2 to 12.5 GHz
  • WR-62 : 11.9 to 18 GHz
  • WR-42 : 17.6 to 26.7 GHz
  • Metric and imperial flange sizes are available

N9911X is a collection of economical waveguide components well-suited for FieldFox CAT and VNA calibrations. The N9911X cal kit definition files (*.xkt) are built into FieldFox firmware, available for download from the Current FieldFox Firmware website.

Component descriptions are listed in the Options tab.

For more information about cable and accessories for use with network analyzers, please visit Network Analyzer Accessories.


N9911X Economical Waveguide Calibration Components

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