Achieve phase stability with this 53-cm cable featuring a 3.5-mm female to 3.5-mm male connector.


The Keysight 85131G is a 53 cm (21 in) long1 semi-rigid cable with a 3.5 mm female2 to 3.5 mm male connector. Cable frequency range is dc to 26.5 GHz with a return loss of 16 dB or better. Insertion loss is 0.3 * sqrt (f) + 0.2 dB (where f is frequency is GHz) for the test port connector, and 1.8 dB at maximum frequency for the device connector. Phase stability of semi-rigid/flexible cables is characterized with a 90 degree bend using a 4 inch radius. Stability1 of the Keysight 85131G is 0.06 dB and phase is 0.16o * f + 0.5o (where f is frequency in GHz).

1 Cable length and stability are supplemental characteristics.

2 Special rugged female connecter is designed specifically for connecting to the network analyzer test port, but does not mate with a standard male connector.

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