Transmit Measurements

  • Transmit mask (SEM)
  • IQ data (constellation diagram)
  • Transmit quality (rho, frequency error, EVM %, IQ balance)
  • Decoded data

Receiver Test

  • Supports MCS0 to MCS12
  • User-defined payload content
  • Receiver sensitivity

The Y7707A 802.11ad application creates and analyzes signals on a single screen. The user can quickly troubleshoot problems by trying various signal attributes. The flexibility of the Y7707A application is ideal for validating new designs. Use either mouse clicks or remote commands to quickly define the output signal and measurement attributes to ensure compliance to the standard.

Key Attributes

  • Ability to create up to eight unique waveform segments and drag and drop them in the order you want to transmit.
  • Comprehensive yet easy-to-use interface to define the signal attributes of each segment including the header, MCS (0 to 12), modulation filter / clock, payload, markers, and amplitude.
  • Four simultaneous measurement windows to examine multiple signal attributes at RF and baseband at the same time, for a complete picture of the device performance in a single display.

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