Choose the Right Automotive Electronics Test Equipment for Your End-of-Line Test

Three key technology areas are driving future mobility: autonomous driving, vehicle electrification, and shared mobility. To enable future intelligent transportation, Keysight offers end-of-line (EOL) automotive electronics test equipment to help OEMs and manufacturers ensure functional quality of their radar, lidar, as well as board-level PCBA products.

Radar Target Simulation

Simulating real objects in a lab environment is a challenge for all automotive OEMs and suppliers. With the Keysight radar target simulation solution, you can simulate multiple objects with multiple distances at variable speeds. Your radar device-under-test “sees” these simulated objects as real items, enabling you to explore and analyze how your radar devices work under real-world conditions, all from within your lab.

Lidar Target Simulation

Vehicles of the future will see the world differently through lidar, or light detection and ranging, a key component in autonomous driving. Keysight’s lidar target simulator replicates targets at a distance that are impossible to test in the real world.

You can customize the lidar target simulator to your desired targets and objects with different distances, reflectivity, shapes, and sizes. The lidar target simulator enables you to generate test cases and validate designs, before venturing out to the real-world test environment, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Capture Upstream Defects with Automotive In-Circuit and Boundary Scan Test

Keysight offers one of the broadest set of in-circuit test (ICT) and boundary scan test solutions for automotive electronics manufacturers. You need to test the electrical integrity of increasingly shrinking and complex assembled printed circuit boards. However, test access to these boards can be extremely challenging. Our range of fully-automated ICT solutions helps reduce the risks of electrostatic discharge (ESD) shocks to sensitive automotive printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), and provides cost and space utilization efficiency.

Automotive Manufacturing Test with Automotive In-Circuit and Boundary Scan Test
Automotive Manufacturing Functional Test of Powertrains and Hybrid Electronics Systems

Simplify Functional Test of Powertrains and Hybrid Electronics Systems

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical, software, and electronic technologies into a unified system for precision mechanical control. Automotive and transportation industries use mechatronic control to deliver vehicle performance, ensure correct emissions, and provide comfort and safety features that customers demand.

Interconnection management is more challenging with increased ECU pin count. Manufacturing processes are designed to reduce defects and dead on arrival (DOA) ECUs at assembly. As a result, engineers have to place more emphasis on design validation and manufacturing tests. Keysight provides board functional test solutions that assist engineers in meeting their manufacturing test goals in powertrain and hybrid electronics systems.

Improve Manufacturing Insights

Achieving top-line revenue with the finest board quality and the highest possible production throughput is the ultimate manufacturing goal. High retest rates can slow production and negatively impact time-to-market for EMS providers. See how PathWave Manufacturing Analytics, an Industry 4.0 data analytics solution, can help you improve yield and time-to-market.

Automotive Manufacturing Test Solution - PathWave Manufacturing Analystics Software

Validate Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Design

As you introduce innovations into the powertrain, whether electric or hybrid, design validation test (DVT) is a must. DVT provides insight to production readiness and reduces the overall risk associated with new capabilities. Keysight provides test and measurement hardware that is flexible and easy to adapt to meet the design validation needs of new automotive products.

Keysight Automotive Manufacturing Test Solution helps to validate electric and hybrid powertrain design

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