Multiport power meters

Standalone multiport instruments of the N774xC and predecessor N774xA families provide fast sampling, deep memory and fast data transfer, especially for multichannel applications.

Power sensor modules

Power sensor modules provide a front panel optical input that accepts various 81000xI connector interfaces for popular fiber connector types or bare fibers. Besides giving optical power in units of W or dBm or dB referred to a reference, calibrated for any wavelength in the available range, these advanced instruments provide high speed data logging of up to 20 k (100 k for the 81636B) values, triggered internally or externally.

Optical heads

Optical heads provide a 5 mm diameter detector area and allow flexible placement of the power meter which is then connected to the N7749C, 81618A or 81619A interface module in the mainframe. The functionality is the same as for the sensor modules and a choice of adapters allows input from popular connector types, bare fibers or open beams.

Return loss modules

Return loss modules use two power sensors and fiber couplers to provide a direct measurement of the optical return loss. One sensor measures the optical power reflected back to the instrument while the other monitors the optical power output from the instrument. The ratio provides the return loss. These modules can use an external light source and can also be provided with internal Fabry-Perot lasers for very stable measurements.

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