This Keysight IntuiLink software supports PNA (Performance Network Analyzers) E835X network analyzers.


Important Note Regarding Installation of IntuiLink PNA Support File

The IntuiLink PNA Support Files installation must be performed on the PNA instrument before IntuiLink will be able to communicate with it. This installation enables toolbar communication with the instrument usually without having to perform any security administration activities. This file is small enough that it can be copied onto a floppy disk for installation onto the PNA if appropriate. See the Readme file for installing the IntuiLink as well as the Support File.

Keysight recommends using the most current version, which includes the most up-to-date bug fixes and security patches available.
Release Date Version Version Description
2001-10-11 1.1 Supported Models: E8356A, E8357A and E8358A, ***DOES NOT SUPPORT RS-232***
Release Date Version
2001-10-11 1.1
Version Description
Supported Models: E8356A, E8357A and E8358A, ***DOES NOT SUPPORT RS-232***

How to Download

  • See Above

How to Install

  • See Readme File


  • Does Not Require a License

Add-On Software / Utilities

Installs on: PC / Instrument


  • See Above

Supported Instruments

  • E8356A, E8357A and E8358A ***DOES NOT SUPPORT RS 232***
No previous versions available