In August, 2015, Keysight Technologies began phasing out shipment of hardcopy manuals unless specified by the customer when placing their product order. Instead, customers can download manuals from and access them electronically. While manuals are already delivered to customers in electronic format for nearly 80% of Keysight products, this initiative will complete the transition for the remaining 20%. The phase out process is expected to be completed in February 2016.

In making this change, Keysight continues its long-standing commitment to acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Keysight's environmental objective is to provide products and services that are environmentally sound throughout their life, and to conduct operations worldwide in an environmentally responsible manner. More information is available about our efforts and guidelines by visiting our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

Benefits to the Environment

While estimates vary broadly regarding how many trees are consumed in the paper-producing process, we do know that this change at Keysight can make a difference. Trees are one of our greatest natural resources and contribute to our wellbeing by keeping our air supply clean, reducing noise pollution, improving water quality, and providing shade.

Benefits to Customers

In addition to the benefits for our environment, this initiative provides many desirable benefits for our customers:

  • Online manuals enable us to consistently provide the most up-to-date content about our products; changes and updates can be posted real-time.
  • Content is readily available whenever and wherever needed via any mobile device.
  • Document search functionality helps to find the information you need faster.
  • Reduced printing and shipping costs help us reduce the cost of our solutions.

Customers Requiring Hard Copy Manuals

Some of our customers have policies or regulations that require hard-copy manuals. If you need a printed manual for your product, please contact your sales representative.

Locating Online Manuals 

Product shipments will include a flyer that will help you find the manual online.

  • For users that want to quickly find a Keysight product manual, you may visit and enter the product model number.
  • For users that want comprehensive support, visit At this sight you will get robust information about your specific products, including updates and upgrades, manuals, calibration information and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Why is Keysight stopping the shipment of printed manuals as the standard?

    Keysight has made this decision to reduce our environmental impact, improve consistency and accuracy of information provided to customers, and to reduce costs.
  • I need to have a printed manual. Can I still get one?

    Yes. To receive a printed manual, please talk to our sales representative and state the preferred language of the manuals.
  • How much does this benefit to the environment?

    It is hard to definitively say how many trees will be saved by this initiative because it depends on many variables such as the number of products sold each year, the number of pages in product manuals, type of paper used, and the type, size and maturity of harvested trees. We do know this will have a positive impact on our environment.
  • How does this benefit me as a customer?

    Whereas printed materials may have errors and require updates, online materials can be maintained real-time for greater accuracy. Furthermore, electronic files provide the customer with easy access from any internet-enabled device, and allow for search functionality to quickly find the topic you need. Finally, the cost of printing and shipping manuals is factored into total product costs; this project helps us contain costs in order to improve our pricing.
  • What do I do if I need a printed manual and forgot to specify it when I placed my order?

    Customers who realize they need a printed manual soon after taking delivery of their ordered product should call Keysight with their order information and talk to one of our experts. To learn how to contact us, go to
  • Where do I go to find my online manual?

    You have two options:
    • For users that want to quickly find a Keysight product manual, visit and enter the product model number. 
    • For users that want comprehensive support, visit At this sight you can login to get robust information about each of the Keysight products you own, including pending updates and upgrades, manuals, calibration information and more. 
  • What do I do if I can’t find my manual online?

    Customers who have trouble locating their electronic manual version may contact Keysight for assistance. To learn how to contact us, go to
  • How will I know if changes have been made to the online manual for my product?

    Customers who visit may enroll to receive email notifications about the instruments they have purchased. 
  • Does this change affect Quick Start Guides as well?

    Quick Start Guides are not affected by this change. Customers will continue to receive in their shipments.