New and updated features in Model Builder Program (MBP) 2016.01

  • Brand-new corner tweaking module
  • Enhancements on statistical and mismatch modeling
  • New model support and extraction package update


Model Builder Program (MBP)Introducing MBP 2016.01

As the complete silicon turnkey device modeling software, MBP equips the automated extraction packages for industry standard models and provides the turnkey solutions for specialty modeling. MBP 2016.01 introduces a number of new features and usability enhancements to help modeling engineers increase modeling productivity.

Corner tweaking module

The brand-new corner tweaking module improves the modeling efficiency by integrating the following functions:

  • Construct your corner library from either model card or existing library template
  • Corner spec edit, import and export (.xls file)
  • Pre-defined targets and plots for tweaking
  • One click to optimize the selected devices and targets for all the corners

Enhancements on statistical and mismatch modeling

  • Statistical modeling
    • Ability to generate statistical model from corner spec
    • Ability to generate corner spec from mass statistical data
    • More advanced variables are open to the user to set
    • Add the example for Spectre simulator
  • Mismatch modeling
    • Support the slope vs. W (or L) plots
    • Support customized variable on the X-axis

New model support and extraction package update

  • New model support by the internal engine
    • BSIM-CMG 108
    • BSIM-IMG 102.6.1, 102.6.0
    • HiSIM 2.8.0
    • HiSIM_HV 2.2.0
    • MOSVAR 1.3.0
    • PSP 103.3, 102.5
    • UTSOI 2.1
  • Extraction package update and others
    • Improved extraction package for BSIM-IMG 102.6.0
    • Support the binning function of BSIM-CMG
    • Add flicker noise extraction flow for BSIM3
    • Ability to specify CV frequency in the SPICE Options
    • Support subcircuit model in corner model generation

Other Enhancements

  • 64-bit OS support
  • Pin function enhancements

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