E5063A Firmware Revision History

Revision A.07.00 . . . Released September 2021

  • Support Windows 10 version 1809
  • Support GPT partition / UEFI boot
  • Support BitLocker

Revision A.06.08 . . . Released February 2021

  • Support new FlexATX CPU

Revision A.05.20 … Released March 2020

  • Enhance USBTMC communication between E5063A with Windows 10 and Host PC
  • Bug Fix on EULA rejection

Revision A.05.08 … Released October 2018

  • Support user ID 6 to ID 12 for ECal User Characterization

Revision A.05.06 … Released June 2018

  • Fully supports Win-7 and Win-10 version 1607
    • Supported new ECal (N4690D, N4691D, N4692D, N4696D, N4431D, N4432D) for Win-7
    • Bug Fix for Win-7
    • Auto Orientation issue on E5063A-205 with N4431B
    • Unnatural reading of -200dB in high IFBW setting
  • Bug Fix
    • Transform – Stop Time is not recalled properly
    • LAN Dialog box cannot be shown at Network Setup

Revision A.05.04 … Released February 2018

  • Supports Win-10, some functions of Win-7 (*) are not validated yet.
  • Support Flex-ATX CPU
  • Support NTL Touch panel
  • Supports new ECal (N755xA)
  • Update WinDriver
  • Support new Ecal (N4690D, N4691D, N4692D, N4696D) for Win-10 (*)
  • Update EULA
  • Bug Fix
    • Auto Orientation issue on E5063A-205 with N4431B (*)
    • Unnatural reading of -200dB in high IFBW setting (*)
    • Win-10 unseal issue

Revision A.04.01 … Released March 2017

  • Supports new Analog board (A3) and new CPU board
  • Added GPIB Interface option and Handler I/O option

Revision A.03.71 … Released June 2016

  • Supports new Ecal (N7554A, N7555A)

Revision A.03.52 … Released May 2016

  • Supports new Touch screen driver

Revision A.03.00 … Released July 2015

  • Supports new frequency options, 500M, 1.5G, 3G, 6.5G, 8.5G and 14GHz frequency options
  • Supports Option 006 Wireless Power Transfer Analysis and Option 010 Time Domain.
  • Supports expanded lower measurement frequency limit to 50 kHz.
  • Multi Major Peak Search
  • Bug Fix
    • When saving image using dump screen image, the pop-up folder is not last saved folder

Revision A.02.09 … Released March 2015

  • Bug fixed
    • [Test Wizard A.02.08] Incorrect IFBW after Recall state

Revision A.02.07 … Released November 2014

  • Bug fixed
    • DISP:UPD command does not work at DISP:ENAB OFF mode

Revision A.02.04 … Released August 2014

  • 32 Channel / 16 Trace mode improves measurement efficiency for filter measurements
  • U1816A/C SP6T USB switch support provides a lower cost solution for multi-DUT (antenna) measurements
  • [Test Wizard] Probe contact check mode for flexible PCBs improves test efficiency
  • [Test Wizard]Test range edit operator permission to improve test efficiency
  • [Test Wizard] AutoSave image feature for improve test efficiency
  • Keysight Technologies rebranding
    • Company name and its logo
    • Manufacturer name in the product information via IDN? changed to Keysight Technologies from Agilent Technologies
  • Changes on firmware update procedure. The firmware installer file is changed from .msi to .exe.
  • Changes on network setup softkeys
  • BUG Fix
    • Detect USB switch without exiting TW
    • Weird password dialog shows up
    • "Calibration Extrapolated" message after Ecals

Revision A.01.14 … Released June 2014

  • Soft key localization (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian)
  • Localized Help Supports (Simplified Chinese Help can be loaded by localization package)
  • Max Hold Function
  • 300k start frequency as preset value

Revision A.01.02 … Released Jan 2014

  • Customer first release