H7230A #510 i3070 Boundary Scan Concepts and Applications

Audience: i3070 test program set developers and production support engineers.

Class Date Location
Boundary Scan Concepts and Applications
March 27-31, 2023 Santa Clara, CA


Attendees will learn advanced topics for developing Boundary-Scan Test applications on the i3070 in-circuit board tester.

This class first presents a review of the "in-circuit" and the "advanced" (boundary scan chain) development software. The class then delves into the details of boundary-scan tests, examining both the high-level ITL (Interconnect Test Language) source code and the lower-level VCL (Vector Control Language) code generated from the ITL. This class covers the details of various concepts in boundary-scan testing, such as serial programming and testing non-boundary-scan devices using boundary-scan. In addition to testing development, various debugging techniques are also detailed. The class concludes with a "best practices" section.

What you will Learn

Advanced boundary-scan topics for i3070 test application.


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  • Introduction & Review of Boundary Scan Basics
  • ITL (Interconnect Test Language) and VCL (Vector Control Language) details
  • Develop and Debug ITL-based tests
  • Silicon Nails, 1149.6, and Cover Extend test techniques
  • Using the Scan-Port Driver for custom "chain" tests
  • Manipulating chains (combining short chains, splitting large chains, etc.)    
  • Serially programming devices through the JTAG port                                                           
  • Best practices in boundary-scan tests

Where and When

Date: March 27-31, 2023

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Price: US$ 2,596.10

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