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Keynote: On the Frontiers of Advanced Measurement Science

As a key enabler for the next wave of advanced RF measurements, Keysight is at the forefront of Quantum computing, 5G, and Space. As these industries continue to see growth and overlapping test and measurement needs, Keysight’s advanced measurements rise to the challenge.

Overview of Superconducting Qubits
This paper will review superconducting qubits which are the leading candidate to build the first functional quantum computers.

The Impact of Quantum Technologies in the Aerospace and Defense Industry
Quantum physics offers enhanced encryption and sensitivity technologies. Learn more about the applications and their performance evaluation.

Maintaining Accuracy for High Frequency, Broadband Measurements
As more advanced applications move to higher frequencies and broadband signals, it is important to know how to maintain measurement accuracy.

Analysis and Measurements of Pulsed Radar Signals
Leverage powerful DSP libraries for analysis of pulsed radar signals focused on modulation analysis, pulse compression, scoring, and pattern search.

Design Considerations For Ultra-Wideband Digital Signal Converters
Wideband hardware may appear to solve many problems, but it’s not as easy as that. Learn what’s available and how to best make use of it.

Bringing 5G to Space: Wideband Modulated Test for SatCom Converter
Exploring the need for New-Space and 5G to accurately characterize converters frequency, phase, and delay response, in addition to EVM and ACPR.


Joe Rickert

Vice President

Keysight Technologies

Dr. William D Oliver

Lincoln Laboratory Fellow

Massachussets Institute of Technology

Gabe Lenetsky

Industry Applications Specialist

Keysight Technologies

Scott Leithem


Keysight Technologies

Raj Sodhi

VSA Program Manager

Keysight Technologies

Dan Pleseant

Solution Architect

Keysight Technologies

Joel Dunsmore

Research Fellow

Keysight Technologies

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