Whether you are designing the next generation of wireless or digital products, designing a chipset, or testing against the latest market standards, find the product or solution that’s right for you.

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RF Products

Wireless technology connects everyone and everything — from smart cities to smart wearables — generating billions of new connections and exabytes of data. These connections require less power but more speed and accuracy of each signal and data communication. Keysight provides the test solutions you need to deliver breakthrough technologies faster.

Engineer using RF test equipment

Modernize Your Bench

Today’s designs are increasingly portable and connected. Troubleshooting DC to radio-frequency (RF) technologies requires various types of instruments, and Keysight offers the deepest bench in the industry. Our instruments provide a common user experience, so you can spend more time characterizing your device.

DC power analyzer N6705C

Digital Products

Today’s enterprise and consumer products are driving the need for faster processing at lower power consumption and pushing your design margins to the extreme. Whatever challenges you face, best-in-class measurement and analysis tools, from basic oscilloscopes to high-performance tools for characterization and compliance testing, provide flexibility at every step of your design workflow.

engineer using digital EXR oscilloscope

Test and Monitor Your Network

With the widespread shift to virtualization, cloud, edge, and SD-WAN, it’s never been more challenging to build and manage networks, ensure security compliance, and maintain a consistent user experience. You need a source of truth.

With our portfolio of products, you can test across the stack from protocols to services and applications with the most realistic workloads, validate security with proactive insights from breach and attack simulation, take control of user experience with active monitoring, and gain visibility into every packet with industry-leading hardware performance. With Keysight, you can rest assured your network is more secure, more reliable, and more responsive.

Engineer using network security software

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Automotive Test Solutions

The automotive industry is accelerating its electronic technology revolution and fusing it with the clean energy ecosystem. Innovations in current and next-generation automobiles are expanding capabilities and performance to serve three key areas: autonomous driving, connected cars, and electromobility.

Learn how you can deliver innovations faster and better with high-performance automotive test solutions.

Automotive catalog
5G Towers

Cellular 5G Solutions

Keysight delivers and customizes design, emulation, and test solutions that span the mobile ecosystem, from R&D, manufacturing, and network deployment to network monitoring for cellular technologies. Our solutions cover all wireless standards: 4G LTE, 5G, and 6G and 3GPP features like RedCap for IoT applications, non-terrestrial networks, and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) for autonomous vehicles. We also provide test solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, and other wireless technologies.

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