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Simulate, Debug, Comply, and Certify to Global Standards and Regulation


Do you face these electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test challenges?


• Lack of test capacity or facility

• Risk of redesign and product recall

• Increasing test complexity

• Staying current on standards and regulations

• Shortage of budget and technical resources


Keysight has four offerings to help you test your equipment under test (EUT) including components, assemblies, vehicles, and other electronic products with:


• Pre-compliance test

• Compliance testing and certifications

• Simulation and design test

• Custom test


Keysight also offers other regulatory testing and certification through our partners.


You Know your EUT. We Know Test.


Keysight test features and capabilities include:


• 10 m semi-anechoic EMC chamber for oversized EUT

• EMI testing ranges up to 40 GHz

• Radiated emissions at a 10 m distance in full compliance with ANSI C63.4, CISPR 16, CISPR 11, CISPR 32, and more

• Radiated immunity in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-3 standard in the EMS frequency range from 80 MHz to 6 GHz

• UNECE Regulation 10 testing for E-Mark certification

• Automotive component testing in full compliance with CISPR 25, ISO 11452, IS 7637, and ISO 10605

• Radio standards test

• Wireless compliance testing in full compliance with EN 300 328 and EN 301 893

• FCC test


Key test capabilities


• State-of-the-art 10 m chamber

• Latest EMI receiver (PXE) for quick emissions test


• Automotive

• IoT

• RF and wireless

• Radiated emissions

• Conducted emissions

• Harmonics and flicker

• Immunity standards

• Radio standards

• Land mobile service

• Land mobile radios


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