Accelerate Your Workflow With Test Automation

Revamp your test plan development, execute with speed, scale, and ease with open and modular software.

  • Leverages OpenTAP open source test automation sequencing engine
  • Scalable, modular plug-in architecture provides specific features tailored to your applications
  • Easily visualize, compare, and share test results
  • Application development tools for OpenTAP developers
  • Graphical user interfaces for test plan development, optimization, and management
  • Flexible software licensing options

Accelerate Your Workflow

PathWave Test Automation delivers significant cost- and time-saving benefits over traditional test automation and analysis tools. With PathWave Test Automation, your team has all the tools they need to meet even the most aggressive product release schedules.

Learn about the issues associated with homegrown test software, and how modern, commercially available test software environments can help you accelerate time-to-market.

Find the Model that's Right for You

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Find the Product that's Right for You

PathWave Test Automation Software

Model Number Name Description  
KS8400B PathWave Test Automation Developers System Powerful test sequencer with tools for test automation development Free Trial
KS8000B PathWave Test Automation Deployment System Subset of KS8400B PathWave Test Automation Developers System Free Trial

PathWave Test Automation Plugins

Model Number Plugin Name Description  
KS8101A Python SDK Develop OpenTAP plugins written in Python for PathWave Test Automation Developer  
KS8103A Command Expert Leverage Keysight Command Expert software to create custom test steps without programming for OpenTAP test plans  
KS8104A HTML5 Result Listener Publish test results from any OpenTAP test step to an HTML5 formatted document Free Trial
KS8105A Switch Manager Development Graphical editor to develop connections between DUTs, instruments, cables, and switch matrixes Free Trial
KS8107A Spreadsheet Publish test results from any OpenTAP test step to a spreadsheet Free Trial
KS8150A DMM Instrument Run automated digital multimeter (DMM) tests without SCPI programming Free Trial
KS8108A Resource Arbiter Server Optimize resource usage across multiple instruments Free Trial
KS8109A Resource Arbiter Client Automatically inject calls to Resource Arbiter Server for locking resources Free Trial
KS8328A Test Executive for Manufacturing Developer Add on built-in instrument and generic test steps, switch manager, data logging, and many more features to better manage and develop test plans Free Trial
KS8329A Test Executive for Manufacturing Deployment Deploy with the OpUI and switch manager functions developed using KS8328A  

Already own one of these products? Visit Technical Support

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