0.5 m cable for connecting multiple AXIe chassis together to form large systems


The Keysight Y1223A cable enables multiple Keysight AXIe chassis to share clocking, synchronization, and triggering signals. Connecting two AXIe chassis requires one cable. Additional chassis connect in a daisy-chain fashion (one additional cable per additional chassis). Chassis-to-chassis timing performance is greatly improved if the AXIe module software provides timing correlation between chassis. Keysight AXIe-based logic analyzers support chassis-to-chassis timing correlation. This cable is also compatible with the 16900A, 16901A, and 16902 logic analysis systems. MultiFrame cables can be used with other AXIe modules, but chassis-to-chassis timing correlation is not specified. Non-Keysight AXIe chassis do not support this chassis.

  • form large systems by connecting the trigger buses of multiple Keysight AXIe chassis together
  • supported by the Keysight AXIe-based logic analysis systems
  • also compatible with the Keysight 16900A, 16901A, and 16902 logic analysis systems
  • cable length: 0.5 m

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