• Industry-lowest-noise differential sensing
  • Non-intrusive DUT connection making use of customer’s existing shunt resistors
  • Up to 100 A current waveform measurement
  • Low-noise current sensing from 1 μA
  • Maximum standalone bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Wide common mode voltage range: up to ±40 V or ±6 V
  • Furnished convenient shielded twist pair cables

The CX1105A ultra-low noise Differential Sensor, which features the industry-lowest-noise performance, enables a wide range of dynamic current measurements from 1 μA to 100 A by making use of existing shunt resistors on your evaluation or test boards. It measures the differential voltage across the shunt resistor, and then converts the measured voltage waveform to a current waveform in the CX3300 mainframe. The maximum measurement bandwidth is as high as 100 MHz, which allows you to measure and analyze the detailed current profile and power integrity of PDN (Power Delivery Network or Power Distribution Network) used in IoT devices, mobile devices, automotive electronic devices, etc. With the shielded twist pair cables furnished, you can start dynamic current measurements quickly.



CX1105A Differential Sensor

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