• Enables digital/RF mixed-signal device measurements
  • Supports transmitters, receivers, and transceivers
  • Measures input/output power, gain and phase deviation versus frequency, receiver noise figure, and receiver two-tone intermodulation distortion (IMD)
  • Includes Waveform Creator and DUT control for test stimulus and device control customization

Digital Wideband Transceiver Analysis is an add-on software to Device Measurement eXpert (DMX) that adds cross-domain stimulus response measurements for digital/RF mixed-signal device characterization. Included Waveform Creator helps define digital IQ test stimulus waveforms that are used in the RF signal generators for receiver tests or downloaded to the digital-to-analog converters for transmitter tests. The DUT control is customizable to accommodate various data converters and transceiver types by defining device operation settings, transmit/receive switching, reading and writing digital IQ waveform from and to DUTs. Acquired RF or digital data is processed in the VNA’s applications for faster, accurate measurements and analysis.

The Digital Wideband Transceiver Analysis requires S9307xB Modulation Distortion for frequency response measurements, and S9309xB Spectrum Analysis for receiver noise figure and two-tone IMD measurements.

RF/RRM Regulatory Test Software

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