• Beam: Φ4 mm, maximum (visible) diameter
  • Optical Resolution: λ/4 with plane mirror
  • Low nonlinearity error: ±0.5 nm
  • Hi resonance frequency: ≥5 KHz
  • 416 stainless steel housing for low thermal expansion, CTE: 9.9 x 10-6 mm/mm/°C
  • 4 input beam directions (option 040)

The Keysight E1715A 3-Axis Compact Interferometer employs Keysight’s advanced monolithic optics design technology to meet the pointing stability requirements of modern laser metrology systems. The Keysight E1715A incorporates integral remote sensors with ST connectors, eliminating the need for separately mounted remote sensors. Plastic or glass optical fiber with mating ST connectors are available from Keysight in a variety of fiber lengths.

In addition to the standard configuration, the Keysight E1715A is available in three optional versions—one excluding the remote sensors for customers who wish to provide their own sensors, one version that includes an input bending mirror, and a third version that combines both of these options.

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Key Specifications

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E1715A Interferometer Keysight

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