The Keysight LIFUTIL, part number E2080A, is a program that runs on personal computers running the DOS operating system; it can read, write, and format LIF disks in PC floppy-disk drives. The program is interactive and menu-driven; it can be controlled from the keyboard or with a mouse. The main menu provides the following functions:

  • LIF to DOS Copy Get files from LIF disk.
  • DOS to LIF Copy Put DOS files on LIF disk.
  • LIF Catalog Catalog files on LIF disk.
  • LIF Purge File Remove files from LIF disk.
  • Zero LIF Disk Wipe out LIF catalog (don't reformat disk).
  • LIF Disk Status Give information on LIF disk.
  • LIF Hex Dump Read raw sectors from LIF disk.
  • LIF Initialize Format LIF disk (all common media and formats).

See the attached LIFUTIL Description link for more information.

Release Date Version Version Description
2004-02-20 n/a N/A
Release Date Version
2004-02-20 n/a
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  • Does Not Require a License

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Installs on: PC


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Supported Instruments

  • E2080A
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