This power MOS-FET measurement handbook covers how to measure the typical power MOS-FET parameters found in power MOS-FET specifications or data sheet as shown in table 1. Each test is covered with step by step instructions of cable  connection to the power MOS-FET and the parameter setting of the test, you can easily setup the test and execute it by just following the guide.

The step by step measurement handbook covers:

  •  A cable connection from the instrument to the device terminal,
  • A test setup of the measurement parameters and the data extraction scheme,
  • A test execution and analysis on EasyEXPERT software which is resident in B1505A and provides all the control of the B1505A.

A customized Application Test Library is created for testing the specifications introduced in this measurement handbook.

Click here to download the handbook

Click here to download the sample applicaiton test, setup and data