High-speed digital standards are quickly evolving to keep pace with emerging technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and autonomous vehicles.

Each generational change introduces new test challenges for your digital designs. You need to test your high-speed digital designs across all product development stages — from design and simulation, analysis, debug, and compliance test. We can help you anticipate test challenges, optimize performance, and accelerate time-to-market of your high-speed computing interfaces, data center connections, and consumer electronics.

High-Speed Computing Interfaces

Faster networking speeds require faster memory and faster serial bus communications. Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe®) expansion bus speeds are evolving from PCIe 4.0 to PCIe 5.0 to support these increased speeds. The same is true for memory, as double date rate (DDR) memory evolves from DDR 4.0 to DDR 5.0. Increasing speeds of serial data communications requires precision high-speed testing at every level. Testing at these faster speeds requires full compliance testing to the latest standards.

PCI-SIG®, PCIe®and PCI Express®are US registered trademarks and/or service marks of PCI-SIG.

Data center connectivity

Data Center Connectivity

Data center speeds are moving quickly from 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) to 400 Gbps to support exploding computing and performance demands in the network. Multilevel signal modulation technologies, such as 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4), will enable 400GE. You need scalable, reliable, and high-performance interconnectivity both inside the data center (intra-DCI) and between data centers (inter-DCI). We can help you seamlessly reach the next speed class in your high-speed digital interconnects.

Consumer Electronics

5G and IoT will enable billions of new devices, such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers (PCs), and home entertainment systems, to connect to the network faster than ever before. You need to design interfaces to your consumer electronics using next-generation high-speed digital standards. Each new generation introduces new test challenges. Whether you are using Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) for your mobile device interfaces, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) for digital audio or video, or Universal Serial Bus (USB) for a wide range of consumer electronics, we can help you ensure the quality and performance of your devices.

  High-Speed Digital System Design

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