Make an Inspired Connection with X-Series Signal Analyzers

Engineering is all about connecting ideas and solving problems. This starts with accessible performance, which is at the heart of every X-Series signal analyzer. They put you closer to the answer by easily linking cause and effect. Across the full spectrum — from our CXA to our UXA — you will find the signal analysis tools you need to design, test, and deliver your next breakthrough. Reach for the X-Series signal analyzer and make an inspired connection.

  • Achieve deeper troubleshooting and one-button measurements with the broadest set of application-specific software
  • Drive consistent measurements across your organization, no matter which instruments you choose to use, with 100% code-compatibility from research and development (R&D) to manufacturing
  • Simplify measurement setup and customize views with the new multi-touch user interface
  • See, capture, and understand the most elusive signals — known or unknown — with real-time spectrum analysis

Get Closer to Your Answer with Accessible Performance

Measurement setup is simple with the X-Series' multi-touch user interface, customizable views, and one-button measurements. Not only are measurements easy, but you can capture signals you could not see before with a spurious-free dynamic range of > 75 dBc. You can also accurately measure low-level signals with noise floor extension (NFE) to reduce measurement noise by up to 10 dB.

Achieve easy, accurate, and detailed measurements with Keysight's X-Series signal analyzers.

Find the Model That's Right for You

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X-Series signal Analyzer Applications — Simplify Complex Measurements and Deliver Repeatable Results

Understand the performance of your cellular, wireless, and aerospace/defense devices and designs with downloadable X-Series measurement applications.

  • Gain more insight into device performance from basic measurements to the latest standards-compliant wireless measurements like 5G, IoT, LTE and WLAN with integrated applications that put consistent measurements at your fingertips
  • Share same measurement science and expertise across multiple hardware platforms across design, development, and production
  • Choose the best license type and terms according your need and budget

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