• Creates multiport S-parameter test execution files for the AMX backend software
  • Quick and easy setup of complicated multiport tests (instrument setup, cable connection, pass/fail limits, etc.)
  • Optimizes test sequences from your multiport DUT test plans

The Keysight automated measurement expert (AMX) is a smart software solution for automated multiport S-parameter measurements with the PXIe vector network analyzers M937xA/M9485A or the benchtop E5080A ENA network analyzer. The S94701A AMX test plan builder is the frontend software of the AMX solution. The AMX test plan builder provides an interactive GUI which helps you edit your multiport DUT test plans and generate test sequence files for the AMX backend software, that consists of the Keysight test automation platform (TAP) and AMX VNA plugin. The AMX test plan builder works on your external PC or PXI controller.

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