Purpose-Built for Rapid Solution Creation and Faster Manufacturing Test

  • Get faster throughput in manufacturing test of wireless components, power amplifiers, and RF front-end modules
  • Increase test density and reduce your footprint with up to four VXT instruments in one 18-slot chassis
  • Reduce development time with open-source test libraries and reference solutions
  • Start closer to your finish line with built-in FPGA-accelerated measurements
  • Optimize test routines using proven software for noise figure and standard-specific measurements

Key Specifications

60 MHz to 6 GHz
60 MHz to 6 GHz
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Bandwidth Options:
40 MHz
80 MHz
160 MHz
60 MHz to 6 GHz
Frequency Options:
3.8 GHz
6 GHz
Generator/Analyzer Bandwidth:
160 MHz
Maximum Frequency:
6 GHz
Performance Level:
4 slots
m9420a 5G NR Modulation Analysis Software

X-Series Measurement Applications — Simplify Measurements and Deliver Repeatable Results

Understand the performance of your cellular, wireless, and aerospace/defense devices and designs with downloadable X-Series applications.

  • Gain more insight into device performance from parametric measurements to the latest standards-compliant wireless measurements including 5G NR, LTE, and WLAN
  • Speed your time-to-insight with integrated applications that put consistent measurements at your fingertips
  • Speed time-to-market with the same measurements leveraged across design, validation, and production
  • Leverage built-in measurement expertise to quickly understand signals and device performance
  • Share applications across multiple instruments with available transportable licenses

PathWave Signal Generation

Signal creation software for a wide range of general-purpose and standards-based signals with performance optimized signals, validated by Keysight. Easily modify these signals to meet your needs or quickly create custom reference signals for testing devices.

  • Comprehensive PC-based software for flexible signal generation
  • Cellular, wireless connectivity, aerospace/defense, broadcasting and general-purpose applications
  • Support a wide variety of signal generation hardware
PathWave Signal generation - Signal Studio

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