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Unlocking measurement insights

For more than 75 years, Keysight Technologies, Inc. has been unlocking measurement insights. Along the way, we’ve created industry-leading test equipment in the shapes and sizes you’veasked for: full-size benchtop, small benchtop, handheld and modular.

Our goal is to deliver comprehensive worldwide test solutions — hardware, software, worldwide support and application expertise — to give your teams what they need to stay on the leading edge in your industry. 

Software is an essential element of any test system—and Keysight software is downloadable expertise. From first simulation through first customer shipment, we deliver the tools your team needs to accelerate from data to information to actionable insight. We also provide soft front panels and essential utilities that make our modular products usable within minutes out of the box, ensuring rapid time to first measurement. 

Keysight has the industry’s largest network of experienced local application engineers covering RF, microwave and digital—and no one can match their cumulative years of experience. Keysight’s three-year standard warranty—worldwide—is our commitment to superior product quality.

Our multi-vendor One-Stop Calibration and uptime services ensure the ongoing accuracy, performance and availability of your instruments.

We can create a customized service plan with response times as fast as four hours. Our network of over 50 service locations worldwide and mobile calibration teams, provide greater convenience and flexibility to keep your products and test systems operating to warranted specifications. 

Keysight’s modular solutions help you tackle your toughest RF, microwave and digital challenges by delivering unrivaled PXI and AXIe performance. Our foundation is the industry’s most accurate measurement science, giving you maximum confidence to achieve your first, best measurement and insight into what’s next. 

Keysight reference solutions

Gain insights faster with Keysight Reference Solutions, proven test systems for specific applications. Developed to solve critical test issues for specific applications, the reference solutions provide a starting point for a test system, including:

- Hardware configurations - PXI, AXIe or benchtop instruments.

- Application software, such as 89600 VSA, Signal Studio and more.

- Open source programming commands provided to perform specific tests and optimize test speed and throughput.

PXI instruments - interoperability, size, speed & scalability

PXI is an open, multi-vendor standard governed by the PXI systems alliance, that ensures interoperability of modules and chassis from different vendors. 

The PXIe backplane bus leverages PCI Express® technology, greatly increasing test speed and reducing latency, especially for data and transaction intensive test applications.

The bus also enables scalability of the system as test needs change. And PXI can also be integrated into an existing test system of benchtop or AXIe instruments. 

Keysight’s growing portfolio of PXI instruments extends its measurement expertise to provide the right solution for multiple test scenarios. 

AXIe instruments - truly advanced, cutting edge technology

AXIe is a next-generation open standard based on Advance Telecom Computing Architecture. By increasing the power and headroom available to each slot, higher performance modules have been developed with faster switching speeds, larger power draws and more complex measurement architectures.

An augmented local bus, providing communication and synchronization between slots, facilitates complex multi-instrument configurations, data storage and coprocessing.

As a result, AXIe instruments provide timing, triggering, and moduleto- module data movement features for high-performance test and measurement systems used in aerospace defense, high-energy physics, semiconductor test and other industries.

AXIe products use horizontal configurations for minimal rack space and vertical for larger systems. The chassis and modules compliment benchtop and PXI products and include PCIe and LAN interfaces that allow them to act like virtual PXI or benchtop instruments.

Software & programming

Speed your project’s design to manufacturing cycle with Keysight’s PXI and AXIe instruments combined with its portfolio of software. Select from trusted measurement applications for proven performance, usable with both benchtop and modular instruments to enable code re-use and measurement consistency from design to manufacturing.

Enhance hardware capability with smart drivers to quickly connect, configure and ensure proper calibration before making measurements. We support multiple programming environments (i.e., Visual Studio.NET, MATLAB, LabView) so that you can use the software of your choice. 


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