Learn about WaveBee Road, a powerful roadside unit that can be easily integrated into existing system environments.


Multi-Purpose Roadside Unit

The WaveBee Road is a powerful roadside unit that easily integrates into existing system environments, regardless of the manufacturer or type of traffic engineering system.

It is used for both centrally (TMC) and decentrally controlled systems in public traffic areas. In addition, the WaveBee Road can function as a stand-alone operation without further connections, such as for use in a V2X test field or on test sites.

Key WaveBee Road details at a glance:

  • Multi V2X regional standard support (EU, USA, China)
  • Hybrid communication DSRC and C-V2X
  • PoE interface and complete antenna set for flexible installation
  • Combined application and communication system
  • Expandable with traffic radar or other sensor technology
  • 12-month warranty

Top WaveBee Road features and benefits:

  • Suitable as a development platform, and for “classic” V2I or I2V message types and corresponding applications
  • SDK uses the proven WDS interface, so the application developer or integrator doesn’t need knowledge of ASN.1 data structures
  • Direct connection to additional traffic sensors

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