PathWave Model Builder 2020 includes the following new features and major enhancements:

  • New UTSOI2 baseband model extraction package
  • New MOSRA-API based aging model extraction package
  • New Lib Tweaking feature to tweak the advanced model libraries including TMI
  • Enhancements in the Corner Tweaking module
  • New model versions: BSIM-BULK 106.2.0 with TMEMOD (TSMC Enhancement), BSIM-IMG 102.9.2


PathWave Design SoftwareIntroducing PathWave Model Builder 2020

PathWave Model Builder 2020 adds the new UTSOI2 model extraction package, MOSRA-API based model extraction package, Lib Tweaking feature and other enhancements to improve modeling productivity and efficiency.

UTSOI2 Baseband Model Extraction Package (W8608EP/ET)

  • Automated model extraction flow
  • Simulation and extraction of the DC, CV and temperature parameters
  • Internal engine supports the latest model 2.x versions

UTSOI2 Model Extraction PackageFigure 1. UTSOI2 Model Extraction Package.

MOSRA based Aging Model Extraction Packages (W8614EP/ET)

  • New MOSRA-API based custom model extraction package
  • Improves the HSPICE simulation speed of MOSRA built-in Level 3 model

Customized Model Extraction Flow for a MOSRA-API based ModelFigure 2. Customized Model Extraction Flow for a MOSRA-API based Model.

Lib Tweaking

  • Enable to tweak the advanced SPICE model library containing shared library
  • Parses a HSPICE/Spectre library and selects the model card
  • Easily model parameter selection, tuning and optimization as conventional models

Enhancements in the Corner Tweaking module

  • Supports sub-circuit (both global and binning) model
  • Allows to overlay the Wafer Acceptance Test (WAT) mapping data to the NP polygon plot

Overlay WAT Mapping Data to the NP Polygon PlotFigure 3. Overlay WAT Mapping Data to the NP Polygon Plot.

New Model Versions

  • BSIM-BULK 106.2.0 with TMEMOD (TSMC enhancement)
  • BSIM-IMG 102.9.2

Other Enhancements

  • Allows to display P-axis value in the Pin function
  • Improved DC modeling flow for Mextram 504.11
  • Supports new plot type - XYColorPoints
  • Enhancement in the Data Set function

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