• emulate a wide range of channel loss with Inter Symbol Interference (IS) traces with fine resolution
  • three ISI boards with five short (1.4 inch to 5.5 inch), nine medium (0.8 inch to 7.95 inch) and seven long traces (9.05 inch to 22.25 inch); traces can be cascaded
  • Rogers 4350B and Megtron 6 PC board material with known S21 parameters
  • differential channels
  • suitable for symbol rates of 32 Gbaud and higher
  • small size

The M8049A ISI channel boards can be used to emulate channel loss in receiver test setups. The boards are used to emulate channel loss for data rates of 32 Gb/s and higher. A choice of 21 PC board traces with different lengths can be inserted into the signal path. The trace lengths range from 0.8 inch (20.3 mm) to 22.3 inch (566.4 mm). By cascading the traces within one board or with another board, a wide range of channels can be emulated with very fine resolution of insertion loss steps. With their small size the ISI channel boards can be located closely to the device under test.

The M8049A ISI channel boards are complemented by the M8020A integrated adjustable ISI feature, the M8048A ISI channels for data rates up to 16 Gb/s, and dedicated compliance channels for SATA (N4915-60001), DisplayPort (N1915A-006), PCI Express® 3.0 (N4915A-014).

Target applications:
Receiver test for devices with PCIe® 4/5, OIF CEI-56G, IEEE802.3 bs / bj / cd / by, SAS, and other high-speed digital interfaces.

Key Specifications

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