Get More Value from Security and Monitoring Tools

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Up to 65% of businesses need to extend the life of their existing tools.Surprised? We’re not. By most measures, managing the long-term cost of visibility tools including network monitoring and network security solutions is important. And as everyone knows, tools are expensive. This is why so many are lagging behind at a time when everyone needs to stay current in order to maintain visibility and performance.

Budget for new tools is a common problem, especially after a network upgrade. But you don’t have to break the bank in order to maximize your ROI. It starts by optimizing your tool deployment strategy and extend their lives with a visibility architecture.

In this timely and insightful solution brief, Get More Value and Extend the Useful Life of Your Security and Monitoring Tools, the team at Ixia gives you a relative overview of the issues at play. In it, you’ll learn how you can increase the value of out-of-band and inline tools, what role do visibility architectures play, and how to allow for immediate inline and out-of-band access points to check for intrusions.

Don’t let the perception of excessive costs deter you from moving forward. Get the insights that can help you make better decisions faster.


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