Additions/Changes for Version A.17.35.05 . . (compiled on November 6, 2023)

Issues Resolved

  • AFR – Fix differential DUT impedance correction issue
  • Calibration – Cal All - Improve error message when noise figure bandwidth is above 4 MHz
  • Calibration - Cal All – Enable the use of cal all for more than 129 channels
  • Calibration - Cal All - Fix issue where the power cal settings page is skipped when using independent calibration channels
  • DC Meters – Fix problem when de-activating DC meters from external device configuration while traces are displayed
  • Differential I/Q – Fix SCPI interface problem introduced in A.17.25 release
  • Fixturing – Fix corner case where sometimes extrapolation could not be turned on for fixture elements
  • Fixturing - CSET:DEEM – Fix behavior when using arbitrary segments
  • Measurement – Fix error when using New Trace… dialog after SYST:FPR
  • Scalar Mixer/Converter – For multiple power sensor calibration, fix adapter removal
  • Scalar Mixer/Converter – Fix error that can happen when moving back and forth through the cal wizard
  • Scalar Mixer/Converter – When switching to power sweep, set the x-axis to “Input” for backwards compatibility
  • Modulation Distortion – Fix DC meter traces when the DUT input port is set to something other than Port 1
  • Modulation Distortion – Updated the description of LMatch2
  • Modulation Distortion – Added new SCPI commands for setting the DUT ports
  • Noise Figure – Fix problem using noise figure macro during noise figure calibration
  • Spectrum Analyzer/Modulation Distortion – Improve calibration of phase when not using phase reference

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.25.05 . . (compiled on September 15, 2023)


  • Display – RF power on the x-axis (standard channel only).

Issues Resolved

  • Calpod – Fix calpod not recognized as an Ecal.
  • Display – Fix markers in smith and polar formats.
  • Equation Editor – Fix issue, post recall, when referencing a non-displayed MEM trace in equation editor.
  • Modulation Distortion – Fix measuring LoadMatch2
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Add SCPI commands for the Spectrum Analyzer Correction Methods feature.
  • True Mode Stimulus Application – Fix Power and Attenuators dialog while TMSA is enabled.

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.25.03 . . (compiled on September 3, 2023)

Issues Resolved

  • Calibration – Fix SENSe:CORRection:CSET:FLATten on slow sweeps
  • Calibration – Enable enhanced response cal with N7562/4x Multiport Electronic Calibration Module (ECal)
  • Differential IQ - Enabled the CALCulate:PARameter:COUNt command
  • Differential IQ - Fixed issue with DIQ:FREQ:RANGe? query
  • External Device – Disallow OK button when the IO configuration is incorrect
  • Modulation Distortion - Fix SCPI command SOUR:MOD:CORR:COLL:ACQ:DETails
  • Modulation Distortion - If the signal is NOT FlatTone/NPR, then autofill will use 99% of Occupied Bandwidth
  • SMC+Phase – Fix problem with importing Phase Reference Calset for SMC+Phase channels
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Various improvements for dual band mixer measurements
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Enable the Correction Method Dialog without requiring Modulation Distortion License

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.20.10 . . (compiled on September 1, 2023 , production release for E5081A)

Issues Resolved

  • Firmware crashes by sending SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:FIND? "?*",ALI
  • Correct the adjustment problem

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.20.09 . . (compiled August 17, 2023)

Issues Resolved

  • (Service) IFPhaseResponse adjustment doesn't work.

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.20.08 . . (compiled August 9, 2023, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

New Features

  • New SMU Support (PZ2100A, PZ2121A, PZ2131A)
  • SCPI Recorder
  • Multiple Memory Traces
  • Segment Trigger
  • Calset Property Dialog shows more information
  • Cal Kit Editor Change
  • Improved Edit Visa Address
  • MOD/X DC trace 
  • Save and Recall Calibration Configuration
  • DUT SNP simulation for SMC and GCA /GCX (Simulator only)
  • ECal emulation on VNA simulator (Simulator only)

Issues Resolved

  • Banded – Improve efficiency of calibration when output frequencies are baseband
  • Banded – Allow setting PMAR to the same start/stop frequency during calibration
  • Banded - Fix operation of banded with a thru in Scalar Mixer/Converter calibration
  • Calibration – Enable the use of SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:ABOR during asynchronous calibration
  • Correction – Calsets that are pure subsets no longer show as C Delta
  • Correction - Improve calibration interpolation algorithm 
  • Data Saving – Fix issue with MMEMory:STORe:DATA with "Channel" parameter
  • GUI - Increased resolution of power slope in the Power and Attenuators Dialog
  • Limit Lines – Fix display of a signal point limit line
  • Modulation Distortion – Enable the use of the status bar to turn off correction
  • Modulation Distortion – Improve source calibration with a swept list of powers
  • Modulation Distortion – Improve source calibration when signal has roll off
  • Modulation Distortion for Converters - Fix EVM measurement when the device has significant gain
  • Power Meter – Resolve error that occurred on a limited number of sensors: “-221,"Settings conflict;SENS1:CORR:CSET1:STAT 0".  
  • Scalar Mixer/Converter - Allow, for a power sweep, x-axis to be displayed as Ouput
  • Scalar Mixer/Converter – Enable setting output power in Power Sweep when output is Port 3 or Port 4
  • Spectrum Analyzer - Embedded LO improvements
  • Spectrum Analyzer - Improve fixturing extrapolation behavior
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Improve marker resolution when using coherent mode
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Add more port softkeys
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Enable phase display without detector bypass using fast peak mode
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Fix power offset settings when using marker->SA
  • Swept IMD - Fix issue with response calibrations
  • Swept IMD - Enable the Source3 option in the list of sources
  • Swept IMD – Resolve issue when the tone spacing is very wide with receiver leveling and correction

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.05.10 . . . (compiled June 21, 2023)

New Features

  • Added a Hybrid Source driver, which combines a source and a mixer to create a high-frequency source (Remove the Core Software restrictions)
  • Supports E5080B-190 Vector signal analysis hardware

Issues Resolved

  • [SMC + Phase] Fixed Phase Reference Calibration not working on the E5081A
  • [MOD] Unlimited the number of notches in the NPR modulated waveform 
  • [AHP] Added three SCPI commands to specify the input and output ports 
  • Dropdown menus are not locked out by :SYST:PREF:ITEM:REM:AUTO ON

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.05.08 . . . (compiled Jun 7, 2023)

Issues Resolved

  • Fix - (E5081A) SA detector error test in performance test fails 

Additions/Changes for Version A.17.05.06 . . . (compiled May 25, 2023, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

New Features

  • Support the E5081A (Support the E5081A for the simulator as well)
  • (S96111B) Support Active Hot Parameter for the E5080B and E5081A

Issues Resolved

  • AFR – Updated the SCPI command AFR:STANdard:EDIT:FLENgth to support 2X thru
  • Cal All – Fixed step ordering when using a PowerTable
  • Cal All – Add new argument to “SYST:CAL:ALL:GUID:CHANnel?” to retrieve guided cal channel number
  • Cal All – For independent calibration channels feature, add new column showing the calibration channel #
  • Calset – Enable uploading error terms with different point counts than the main calset stimulus
  • Calsets – Eliminate unnecessary “overwrite calset” warning prompt
  • Differential IQ - Improve initial power level when using Port 1 Src2 with combiner path
  • Differential IQ - Fix issue when using two different port pairs for phase control
  • External Devices – Report external device errors into the SCPI error queue as well as the GUI
  • External Devices - Added option to clear the cache on external devices via new button in External device dialog
  • Fixturing – Enable CSET:FIXT:DEEM and CSET:FIXT:EMBed to work on ports with only SourcePowerCorrection terms
  • Fixturing - Allow embedding of s2p files with 0 transmission parameters
  • IMD – Fixed crash in Cal All when using Ecal extrapolation
  • Licensing – Updated to 5.5.1
  • Markers – Improved update on markers when uploading data
  • Modulation Distortion – Fix blank distortion page shown sometimes displayed at recall
  • Modulation Distortion - Improve the PAPR result of compacting waveforms
  • Modulation Distortion - Fix results for EVMIn and EVMOut when using multiband signals
  • Modulation Distortion - Added remote commands for creating digital modulation waveforms
  • Modulation Distortion - Fix text alignment issue in the modulation properties dialog
  • Modulation Distortion - Fix invalid trace data for CarrIn, CarrOut, CarrGain
  • Modulation Distortion for Converters – Embedded LO – Improve tuning with high side LO mixers
  • Modulation Distortion on converters – Embedded LO - Allow user to set the frequency delta within the ELO dialog
  • Noise Figure - New SCPI command: SENSe:CORRection:ENR:CALibration:TABLe:TEMPerature:DATa
  • Noise Figure - Added GUI support to save the USB ENR file
  • Noise Figure - fixed Embedded LO checkbox behavior without embedded LO license
  • Phase Reference Cal - Fix initial status so that it doesn’t report Fail before any data has arrived
  • Preference – Improve behavior of “Power Off on New Channel” preference
  • Recall – Fix recall of old states from before A.10.XX when the state included balanced parameters
  • Scalar Mixer/Converter – Improve performance when sending many SCPI commands to change the state
  • Scalar Mixer/Converter – Improve behavior of multiple sensor calibration
  • Simulator – Fix issue when entering the interface control dialog
  • Spectrum Analyzer - Added support for SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CKIT:CAT command
  • Spectrum Analyzer - Various other improvements
  • VXT – Fix two tone waveform playback when using VXT source

Additions/Changes for Version A.16.70.01 . . . (compiled Apr 5, 2023)


  • Updated Licensing Library to 5.5.1

Issues Resolved

  • (S96029B) Support 8509xD Ecal in calibration

Additions/Changes for Version A.16.70.00 . . . (compiled Feb 17, 2023)


  • Cycle time improvement on the Spectrum Analysis.
  • Add the Reference dialog.

Issues Resolved

  • Test time increases while running the loop with power setting change.

Additions/Changes for Version A.16.20.04 . . . (compiled  Feb 3, 2023)


  • Add calibration advisor tool

Issues Resolved

  • Calibration - Fix calset interpolation issue for non-standard channels
  • Fixed rare intermittent error at startup
  • Fixturing and TDR – Fix “invalid circuit found” when using the fixturing GUI with Advanced TDR
  • Noise Figure: Fix excess ripple for swept LO measurements when performing power-meter calibration using power sensor adapter de-embedding
  • Noise Figure --  Impedance state setting no longer reset when changing noise tuner.
  • Fix status bar which showed the “SVC” message incorrectly when turning off factory cal
  • Recall -- Improve recall speed when recalling multiport corrected states with external test set.
  • Recall -- Instrument State file size reduced when storing trace data (HOLD mode).
  • Spectrum Analyzer – Fix the “SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CONN:CAT?” SCPI command to work in Spectrum Analyzer class
  • Power setting is reverted after saving and recalling state files.

Additions/Changes for Version A.16.20.02 . . . (compiled  Nov 22, 2022, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

New feature

  • Support the S96087B IMD (Intermodulation distortion measurements)
  • Support the S96024B Basic Pulsed-RF Measurements Lite
  • Support PathWave Calibration Advisor
  • Modulation Distortion Enhancements:
    • Added Ideal Wave Trace
    • Added Nominal DUT NF
    • Added PAPR prioritization for Compact Modulation  
  • 8-term error correction method in IMD/IMDX
  • [S96082B, S96083B, S96086B] Multi-sensor Power Calibration for SMC/GCX
  • [S96029B] Noise Figure Sweep Switch commands, Macro Control for Path Switching (SENS:NOIS:SWE:MACR:FIL:RNP, SENS:NOIS:SWE:MACR:FIL:RSP) [Licensed Feature]
  • [S96087B] IMD Multiple Receiver Configurations[Licensed Feature]

Issues Resolved

  • Banded – Fix preference : "Cal: For Frequency Offset, use Primary Frequencies" when using correction interpolation
  • Cal Update – Numerous bug fixes
  • Data Save - Fix issue when saving CSV file with x-axis as time
  • Data Save – Fix issue when saving S2P file with parameter conversions enabled
  • Display – Improve dialog placement when using multiple monitors
  • Display – Fix magnify behavior when using Log X-Axis
  • External Source - Improved code for detecting reference lock with external sources
  • External Source – Add support for M8195, M8196, M8199 baseband DUC mode
  • External Source – Fix bugs when using Keysight M9484C Source with bandwidth restricted options
  • External Source – Fix optimized BNC triggering when using segments with independent power values
  • Fixturing – fix error that would sometimes warn for extrapolation when extrapolation was not needed
  • Fixturing – Improve parsing of snp files
  • Fixturing – Fix power compensation when using isolator fixture
  • Gain Compression – Fix crash when using smart sweep and point averaging
  • L8990M - Propagate errors to the SCPI error queue from L8990M (SYST:ERR?)
  • Modulation Distortion and source correction  – Numerous fixes
  • Noise figure – inhibit popup message box during noise cal when client is remote
  • Noise Figure Cal – Clarify prompts when a thru adapter is also used as a power sensor adapter
  • Noise Figure Automatic Switch Mode - set switches back into S-Parameter position after noise sweep is complete
  • Noise Figure Automatic Switch Mode – avoid firmware crash that sometimes occurs when recalling state file
  • Power Sensor – Fix issue where firmware incorrectly determines that W8486A sensor has internal cal factors
  • Recall – Improve recall speed with systems with large port counts
  • Status Bar – Fix "Swp" indicator that is sometimes wrong when in "Hold" for very fast sweeps
  • Status Bar - Improved annotation of source power correction state in the status bar
  • Status Bar –Now, changes to power level do not show C-Delta because power level changes don't impact quality of correction
  • SA – Improve auto RBW search
  • SA – Fix issue where it was impossible to turn off correction
  • SA – Fix issue with receiver leveling and corrected SA measurements
  • Simulator – Fix usage of DC Source and DC Meter
  • Swept IMD – Improved status bar output of the correction types
  • Undo – Fix undo on frequency change when using correction

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.75.26 . . . (compiled  Oct 5, 2022, production release)

This version is used for production test for shipment units. 

New feature

  • Support the S96201B, S96202B Core Software

Issues Resolved

  • “Multiport" softkey is disabled.

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.75.22 . . . (compiled  Sep 06, 2022. This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list.)

Issues Resolved

  • [CalPod] Fix issue affecting using the CalPod as an ECal standard
  • [Scalar Mixer/Converter + Phase] Fix phase reference calibration wizard on N5244B when the stop frequency is the same as the max instrument frequency

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.75.19 . . . (compiled  July 27, 2022)

New feature

  • Enabled additional format types for markers in SA 
  • Added embedded LO setup to SMC Mixer Setup dialog 
  • [S9x010B, S9x011B] Added four new Windows types for TDR [Licensed Feature]
  • [S9x090B] Digital Modulation Creation [Licensed Feature]

Issues Resolved

  • [Cal] Fix Cal All attenuator page to properly change min/max 
  • [Cal] Fix the delta annotation when a calibration is subset 
  • [Cal] Fix CSET:FIX:DEEMbed command to work on M98XX units 
  • [Cal][SCPI] Added SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:ECAL:PORT:OFFS command for 8 port ECal 
  • [Cal] Fix crash when changing parameter from SParameter to equivalent wave ratios while using correction 
  • [Copy Channel] Properly copy a channel with a source calibration when the calset has a different power offset 
  • [Copy Channel] Fix copy of correction method settings 
  • [Copy Channel] Copy the group channel trigger count
  • [Differential IQ] Fix issue where implicitly added sources had the wrong settings 
  • [Display] Customize display now remembers most recent tab 
  • [Dynamic Uncertainty] Fix dynamic uncertainty with power sensors calibrations 
  • [External Device] Enable the use of DC meters parameters with an external source as source port: eg: "SMU,MXG" 
  • [FCA] Fix nominal incident power, and add missing GUI 
  • [Files] Fix CSV file export when using smoothing 
  • [Files][SCPI] Fix saving SNP file in FAST mode when time domain is turned on 
  • [Fixturing] Enable the use of s2p files with -200 dB as the transmission parameters 
  • [GCA] Fix crash when applying a response correction to a GCA channel 
  • [Modulation Distortion] Fix behavior of source calibration and power offsets 
  • [Modulation Distortion] Fix loading of CSV files stored as UTF-8 format 
  • [Power Meter] Add missing Save/Load button to cal factors in PMAR 
  • [Power Meter] Add support for U2021XA sensor 
  • [Power Calibration] Fix issue when trying to run power calibration with receiver leveling already ON 
  • [Power Calibration] Allow turning off "reduce IF BW" when performing multiple power sensor calibration 
  • [Power Compensation] Fix applying power compensation when state is toggled (could sometimes be stale) 
  • [Receiver Leveling] Various fixes, and fixed use with receiver leveling with frequency offset 
  • [Receiver leveling] Fix certain receiver leveling use cases when used with SA 
  • [SCPI Log] Extend character limit to 20k. Improve behavior when limit is exceeded 
  • [SMC+Phase][Absolute Phase] Enable absolute phase during the measurement of a characterized mixer

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.65.19 ... (compiled  Apr 26, 2022)

New feature

  • Cal Update [Licensed Feature for S9x007B]
  • Add Load/Save power loss table for PMAR
  • New Preferences:
    • Cal: Use Unknown thru math for SOLT methods
    • Turn off Power on Preset
    • Add color coding to indicate whether preference is set to default

Issues Resolved

  • Balanced: Fix hang when enabling certain balanced use cases and recalling legacy state files
  • Cal: Fix rare intermittent error with using *OPC? on ECAL calibrations
  • Cal All:  Fix issue setting power offset through GUI for “Enable Extra Power Cals” power calibrations 
  • Cal Wizard: Updated the wizard so that the power cal settings page always shows the port number
  • Display: fix location of Pass/Fail indicator
  • Equation editor: Fixes
  • External Devices: Improve error reporting to SCPI clients when an external device communication is interrupted
  • External Source: Add CW phase control to vector sources
  • External Source: Improve robustness of reference clock verification in vector sources
  • Gain Compression: Fix save/load of caltype within Gain Compression
  • Interface Control: Per channel settings were incorrectly applied
  • Markers: Fix use of threshold value in the marker search dialog with multipeak
  • Markers: Fix marker placement when using Memory Only trace
  • Modulation Distortion: Fix crash when using Back button during cal wizard
  • Modulation Distortion: Enable sweep averaging checkbox
  • Modulation Distortion: Improve the speed of performing modulation distortion calibrations
  • Port Extension: When Port Extension velocity factor is changed, do not modify data, only modify distance parameter. Port Extension model is delay only. Fixes backward compatibility issue
  • Receiver Leveling: Properly disable point receiver leveling on channels that don't support it
  • SA: When in high security mode, hide the frequency in multidimensional SA sweep
  • SCPI Console Log: Fix clipping of first characters of SCPI commands from log
  • SMC: During cal, update GUI when source cal is not within tolerance
  • Time Domain: Fix coupling behavior for Kaiser Beta Value
  • True Mode Stimulus: Improve robustness to recover from a noisy sweep
  • VSALink: Improve error reporting for VSALink
  • AFR: Unable to use support contract feature: "AFR Config and 2X Thru for N Port"

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.60.08 ... (compiled  Mar 11, 2022)

Issues Resolved

  • Pulse Profile Test fail at the calibration test for the service center.
  • ECal user characterization does not work.

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.60.05 ... (compiled  Feb 17, 2022)

New feature

  • Support N755xA ECal modules 
  • Support L8990M Switch matrix
  • Modulation Distortion: Add support for 8-term correction

Issues Resolved

  • Calibrate All: In rare cases, fix independent power calibration to include necessary frequencies
  • Calibration: Fixed rare error when the VNA would not interpolate calset even though frequencies were proper subset
  • Calibration: Fix measurement of a2,2 trace on PXI or Streamline units with active factory calibration
  • Calibration: Improve behavior of "enable multiple power sensors" when used via SCPI
  • Calibration: Added response thru option when using ecal
  • Differential I/Q: Fix crash when recalling a frequency range file with different frequency ranges
  • Differential I/Q: Fix receiver leveling with external source
  • Differential I/Q: Only show open loop option on the ports with open loop capability
  • External Source: During modulation playback, add square wave output at “Sample Marker Out” connector
  • Fixturing: Added new SCPI commands to reverse fixture: CALC:FSIM:CIRC:DEVice:PORTs:REVerse
  • Fixturing: Add support for files that include 0 (-200 dB) for certain transmission parameters
  • Fixturing: Skip noise parameter data when loading an sNp file
  • Fixturing: Update fixture GUI to show proper labels when differential Z or common Z is enabled
  • Gain Compression: Fix crash with point averaging, 2D sweep, and the use of analog inputs
  • Modulation Distortion: Add ResBW, Vector Averaging, and Detector Type selections to the GUI
  • Noise Figure: Fix fixturing with noise figure for converters where the input frequency is swept and output frequencies are fixed
  • Printing: Improved font sizing when printing
  • Receiver Leveling: Fix problem of channel not being deleted with receiver leveling turned ON
  • Receiver Leveling: Fix point mode receiver leveling when using external DC meters
  • SCPI: Fix CALC:MEAS:Y:AXIS:UNIT? to return the proper unit
  • SCPI: New SCPI command: DISPlay:SIZE[?]
  • Spectrum Analyzer: Fix behavior of turning off correction
  • Spectrum Analyzer: Fix SCPI command SENS:CORR:CSET:FLAT in the SA channel
  • Spectrum Analyzer: Fixes to the internal source modulation
  • Spectrum Analyzer: Improve distortion calibration
  • Streamline VNA: Improve resiliency of firmware when turning off and then turning on the chassis
  • Swept IMD – Fix Cal All for Swept IMD when using an external source as the 2nd tone
  • Swept IMD – Fix receiver leveling when using an external source as the 2nd tone
  • Swept IMD – Automatically configure the path configuration when using the internal Port 3 as the LO for IMDX
  • Swept IMD – Fix receiver leveling issue that caused Port 1 Src2 to briefly go unleveled

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.55.14 ... (compiled  Feb 3, 2022)

Issues Resolved

  • Uncorrected wave data are not dependent on the source power cal if a S-param calset is used.

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.55.08 ... (compiled  Jan 7, 2022, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

New feature

  • Noise Calibration Source Temperature
  • Window Types  added to Time Domain Setup dialog [Licensed Features]

Issues Resolved

  • Calibration: Fixe averaging of response calibrated S41
  • Calibration: Fix SENS:CORR:CSET:FLAT with source power correction terms
  • Calibration: Improve speed of applying calset
  • Differential I/Q: Fix receiver leveling with external sources
  • Frequency Offset Mode: Allow multipliers in Log Sweep
  • Modulation Distortion: Fixed a jump in MDist at edges of occupied bandwidth
  • Modulation Distortion: Add ACPR parameters to measurement parameters and distortion parameters
  • Modulation Distortion: Fixes for source calibration with power offset
  • Noise Figure: Allow user to turn off sweep averaging during calibration
  • Power Sensor as Receiver: Fix crash when external device names are unusual
  • Print: Fix printing to "Microsoft Print to PDF" virtual printer
  • Pulse: Fix pulse status indicator when doing smart calibration with pulse settings
  • Pulse: Fix recall of pulse gating setting
  • Receiver Leveling: Fix issue that exists with correction and toggling receiver leveling setting
  • SMC: Fix power setting when using significant attenuator settings
  • SMC: Fix CSET:FIXT:DEEM to work with SMC split calibration
  • True Mode Stimulus: Fix copy channel SMC: additional source power cal does not come back after recalling instrument state
  • AFR: The error E807075A occurs when pressing Apply Correction in the case of differential.

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.40.13 . . . (compiled  Dec 09, 2021, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

  • (Fix) SMC: additional source power cal does not come back after recalling instrument state

Additions/Changes for Version  A.15.40.08 . . . (compiled  Nov 2, 2021, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

  • (New) Save Load files in CSV format [Licensed Feature for Mixer Applications]
  • (New) Smart Cal Ports – Use Existing SrcCal when measuring cal standards
  • (New) Pulse Setup Primary Clock
  • (New)Support for U1832A/B/C/D and U1833A/B/C/D noise sources [Licensed Feature for S9x029B]
  • (New) AFR Config and 2X Thru for N port [Licensed Feature for S9x007B]
  • Averaging: Restart averaging for all channels when the RF Power state changes
  • Calset Viewer: Calset viewer now updates when the fixturing has changed
  • External Devices: Fix SOCKET communication with certain sources
  • Fixturing:  Add option to souce power compensate for de-embed only
  • Fixturing:  Add SCPI commands for selecting S2P modify mode
  • Fixturing in IMD: Improve handling of frequency extrapolation
  • Limit Lines: Increased maximum number of limit lines to 100,001 when loading from a CSV file
  • Modulation Distortion: Add 8 term correction mode
  • Modulation Distortion: Add Marker to SA feature
  • Modulation Distortion for Converters: Fix embedded LO feature
  • Modulation Distortion: Add "Delivered Power" Parameter
  • Modulation Distortion Calibration: Improve source cal when the source response is significantly unfit
  • Power Sensor: Improve performance on connecting to a power sensor
  • Power Sensor: Avoiding showing devices that are not power sensors (such as smart noise source)
  • SCPI: Add SYST:COMM:DRIVE:ENAB? To query the state of "Remote Drive Access"
  • SCPI: Return empty string instead of an error when searching for VISA devices and not finding any
  • SCPI: Add commands for querying unit of x-axis and y-axis
  • Status Bar: updates to the Sweeping indicator on the status bar
  • (Fix) Active Parameter: Fix annotation on unratioed units to dBm instead of dB
  • (Fix) AFR: Fix error of "Cannot send legacy fixture commands"
  • (Fix) Basic Cal: Fix buttons when more than 1 ECal is connected
  • (Fix) Banded: Fix issues with banded installation calibration
  • (Fix) Cal All: Fix using independent power calibration with split cal
  • (Fix) Cal Plane Manager: Fix issue where the unit was lost (MHz became Hz)
  • (Fix) Correction Methods Dialog: Fix error when the correction method was enhanced response
  • (Fix) Differential I/Q: Fix changing equation of a live parameter
  • (Fix) Differential I/Q: Fix using SCPI to set XAxis
  • (Fix) IMSpectrum: Fix rare issue with coupled 2nd tone power level when using external source
  • (Fix) Licensing:  Fix issue where support contract reported as expired if the last digit of the date was "0"
  • (Fix) Marker to IMSpectrum: Fix when used from IMDX power sweep
  • (Fix) Port Extension: Fix dialog syncing with active channel
  • (Fix) Power Sensor: Fix issue where sometimes USB sensor is not recognized
  • (Fix) Receiver Leveling: Fix issue with receiver leveling and toggling the correction state
  • (Fix) Simulator:  Fix hislip address assignment when using simulator for PXI platform
  • (Fix) Spectrum Analyzer Measurement: Fix error "Cannot Deembed Fixture"
  • (Fix) Spectrum Analyzer Measurement: Fix bypass mode and x-axis point spacing feature
  • (Fix) Vector Mixer: Fix issue when running mixer characterization wizard "characterize as downconverter"
  • (Fix)  S2P: Allow recall of S2P files outside of frequency range
  • (Fix)  Operator’s Check: Fix RF Test/LO connection check failures at Operator’s Check against RF Test/LO connection check pass at Power On Self Test.

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.20.07 . . . (compiled  Aug 23, 2021)

  • Fixture Simulator GUI Enhancement
  • Enable several softkeys such as Averaging in VNA viewer
  • (Fix) :SYST:MACR:COPY:CHAN:STAT may cause the firmware crash
  • (Fix) SYST:CAL:ALL:PORT:SOUR:POW:OFFS may cause the firmware crash 
  • (Fix)  Smart cal wizard may freeze during manual trigger
  • (Fix) CalAll may crash when calibration P1-P2 and P2-P3 NF channels as "independent calibration channels"
  • (Fix)  Reactivate the power offsets softkey (Power > Leveling & Offset > Offset) which is grayed out at previous firmware. 
  • (Fix) Cannot interpolate calset with extra Source Power Correction terms
  • (Fix) Time Domain Transform only turn off for Trace 1 when frequency is changed
  • (Fix) In the fixture simulator, the fixture generator has unwanted elements after recall

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.20.05 . . . (compiled  July 21, 2021)

  • (Fix)  Recalled data is incorrect in SA app
  • (Fix)  ECal User Characterization creates invalid data
  • (Fix)  Port Extension does not work when you click the Port Extension On button on the dialog box.
  • (Fix) System verification has an error at Displaying phase data

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.10.06 . . . (compiled  May 31, 2021)

  • (Fix)  Windows shutdown sometimes takes a very long time. 

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.10.05 . . . (compiled  May 20, 2021)

  • (Fix)  Receiver ADC overflow message does not include receiver name information
  • (Fix)  Incorrect marker reading on Smith on the different port assignment in balance measurement 
  • (Fix) Fail to recall the state file with many port configuration. 
  • (Fix)  S96041B: FW crash when ZA Class is selected on the E5080B without option 175

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.10.02 . . . (compiled Apr 15, 2021)

  • (Fix) The firmware may crash when after auto port extension.

Additions/Changes for Version A.15.10.01 . . . (compiled  Apr 5, 2021, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

  • Support S96041B Impedance Analysis 
  • Support S96088B Phase Control
  • Add a warning message  “383 ADC overflow on one or more ports." 

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.70.03 . . . (compiled Feb 26, 2021)

  • (Fix) The firmware may crash at startup when you update it from old firmware.
  • (Fix) SENS:CORR:COLL:CKIT:CLIST SA,1  command sets not only STD1, but also STD2,STD3 as OPEN
  • (Fix) When loading a cal kit using SENS:CORR:CKIT:LOAD commands, both P937x and M937x return the error No. 191.
  • (Fix) E5080B cannot detect N4431A.
  • (Fix) SENS:PATH:CONF:ELEM:CAT? returns incorrect name of configurable elements
  • (Fix) CSET:FIXT:CHAR sometimes fails the estimation of DC phase
  • (Fix) Some settings (Converted Z, Apply Fixtures and Enable Z Conversion) on Balanced Setup dialog are not applied as expected.
  • (Fix) Search type dropdown menu in marker search dialog is not updated in a timely manner
  • (Fix) The firmware may crash when measuring an internal ADC within the GCX channel.
  • (Fix) SENS:PATH:CONF:ELEM:STAT "PulseModPort1","Enable" enables port 2 instead of port 1

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.70.02 . . . (compiled Feb 8, 2021, This version is no longer available to download from the previous versions list)

  • (Fix) Firmware freezes when 'SYST:UNC:LOAD "string"' is sent.
  • (Fix) Pulse modulation of port 2 turns off after sending SENSe:SWEep:PULSe:MASTer:WIDth.
  • (Fix) Firmware crashes with :SYSTem:ERRor:COUNt? called.
  • (Fix) Recalling SNP file with BAL parameters does not display correct data.

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.70.01 . . . (compiled Jan 13, 2021)

  • Support the multi-source capability for module/unit configuration
  • Support the S96015B Real-time S-Parameter and Power Measurement Uncertainty
  • Support the S96460B Integrated True Mode Stimulus Application
  • Enhance the Fixture Simulator
  • Support the Noise Figure Converter for S96029A/B
  • Support the Gain Compression Converter for S96086A/B
  • Support for USB Noise Source
  • Add Log Y-Axis and Complex Graph
  • Add CONT:HAND:IND:LOG to set the logic of the index signal

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.13 . . . (compiled Sep 26, 2020)
• (Fix) Response Tracking correction data is incorrect at high gain setting.
• (Fix) CALC:MEAS:MARK:DIST works correctly in query but not for setting.

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.12 . . . (compiled Aug 25, 2020)
• (Fix) Crash on saving the citifile on the Differential IQ channel
• (Fix) Crash during ECal with averaging in remote.
• (Fix) Group Delay Aperture softkey causes crash if no trace.
• (Fix) File reading failed error on Cal Pod recorrect
• (Fix) SA application locks up after a trace is deleted and a new trace is added

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.08 . . . (compiled July 31, 2020)
• Support S96089B Differential and I/Q devices measurements
• Support Data Viewer
• (Fix) System calibration for receiver compression at HIGH gain works wrongly.
• (Fix) Adding new channel in advanced mode breaks TDR stimulus setting
• (Fix) TDR causes error at start-up when DIF1/DIF2
• (Fix) FOM softkey cannot be enabled
• (Fix) NF Fixture Turn On Crash with non-default port setting
• (Fix) TDR Auto DUT length does not work correctly
• (Fix) Waveform does not change after the parameter change with CALC:FSIM:BAL:PAR:BBAL:DEF
• (Fix) Cal All cannot run Ecal vector cal without doing a power sensor calibration

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.03 . . . (compiled Apr 15, 2020)

• Support Multiport Calibration Assistant
• Support S9xxxxB application software for floating/USB portable licenses.
• Fixed Gain Cal
• Support Cal Pods
• Support U205xXA/U206xXA Series USB Power Sensors.
• Support the following items in the spectrum analysis.
      • Noise Power Ratio (NPI) measurement
      • Coherent Averaging Tab
      • Pulsed SA (Trigger & Pulse Tab, Pulse settings in source Tab)
      • Dual Band Configuration in advance tab
      • SA analysis marker

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.15 . . . (compiled Apr 09, 2020)
• (Fix) "Execution error" occurs when performing Response Cal, 2port THRU.
• (Fix) USB Power Sensor doesn't work with A.13.90.06.

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.09 … (compiled Dec 18, 2019)
Minor bug fixes

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.07 . . . (compiled Nov 21, 2019)
New: Supports S9x083A Vector and Scalar Mixer/Converter Measurements
Several bug fixes

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.06 . . . (compiled Sep 5, 2019)
New: Supports the frequency up to 53 GHz (options 2L0, 2M0,2N0, 2P0, 4L0, 4M0, 4N0, 4P0)
New: Supports the second source (options 442, 462, 492, 4D2, 4H2, 4K2, 4L2, 4M2, 4N2, 4P2)
New: Device Expert
New: Source Power Alignment tool
New: PLL Bandwidth selection for better phase noise (command only)
New: List-sweep mode in trigger mode for external source

Firmware Revision A.13.70.02 … Released May 2019
Initial release