100/50/40/25GE Hybrid Network Emulator

Hybrid Network Emulator impairment tester

Emulate real-world 100/50/40/25GE network impairment conditions

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  • 100/50/40/25GE impairment
  • Enables validation, performance, and interoperability testing
  • Precisely reproduces and quickly resolves issues occurring in the field
  • 2-second delay and packet delay variation (PDV)
  • Robust impairments: profiles and classification, drop, reorder, duplication, accumulate and burst, packet modification
  • Usable at other speeds: 10GE and 1GE
  • The market’s only cost-effective 100GE impairment solution available

Precision Testing for Real-World Networks

Problem: Ensuring 100/50/40/25GE Networks Can Handle Worst-Case Conditions

With bandwidth requirements straining 10GE and 40GE technologies, service providers and data centers are looking to high-density 100/50/40/25GE networking infrastructure solutions. Equipment manufacturers are rapidly increasing port densities to meet demands and remain competitive.

Today’s 100/50/40/25GE devices and networks require in-depth testing that includes substantial packet delay and all the traditional network impairments. However, test solutions with this functionality have been unavailable in the market — until now.

Solution: A Combined Packet Broker and Network Emulator

The Vision Edge E100 Packet Broker is unmatched in its ability to load-balance 100/50/40/25GE inputs into 10 x 10GE streams. Users can send these streams through our Network Emulator II appliance to add a custom mix of delay and impairment traffic.

The Vision Edge is then used to re-aggregate the 10GE streams that include impairment into a 100/50/40/25GE data stream. This is the real-world traffic your IxNetwork L2/3 generator/analyzer or other test solution needs to validate 100/50/40/25GE devices and networks.

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