Meet the SL1700A Battery Pack Test System

Keysight’s SL1700A Scienlab Battery Test System – Pack Level Series allows to realistically emulate the environment of the future battery pack application in order to test the high-power battery pack comprehensively and improve its functions and safety. The growing demand of e-mobility increases the need of vast battery test labs for EV battery development. Keysight developed the SL1700A Series to accelerate the development and validation of batteries. It offers a voltage range of up to 1500 V and power options between 100 and 300 kW extended by the dynamic power boost up to 350 kW. The new high-voltage SiC (silicon carbide) technology provides a high energy efficiency on a small footprint and helps to minimize your operating costs.

  • SiC technology for higher dynamics, precision, and efficiency
  • Up to 1.5 MW power due to parallelization
  • Small footprint thanks to (modular and) compact design
  • Reduce costs for energy and cooling water due to efficient and cost-effective operation with a recovery capability of 96%
  • Extendibility of the systems to meet future needs of higher current, voltage or power
  • The dynamic power boost provides 15% higher power only when needed without oversizing the installed power electronics

High Performance for Testing Battery Packs

A battery pack combined with a Battery Management System, a cooling system, and electronics is a complex system with high voltages and currents. Due to the range of battery pack applications considerable safety requirements in all operating modes must be taken into consideration. Extensive EV and HEV battery testing is essential to make the battery safe and to optimize its performance and thus increase the electric vehicle’s range and durability. With our solution, typical tests can be carried out on the pack as a complete system. These include the analyses and validation of:

  • Interaction of all the components involved and their mutual impact
  • Internal communication of all electrical and mechanical components
  • External communication
  • Thermal and electrical reactions of the battery pack and thermal management

Various test scenarios can be implemented, such as dynamic, electrical, and climatic stress tests, operational cycle tests, standard tests, endurance tests or calendar and life-cycle aging tests.

Battery Test Pack System Scienlab Keysight

Key Specifications

Voltage Range

50 to 1500 V

Current Options

300 to 900 A

Power Options

100 to 300 kW
Dynamic Power Boost: 115 to 350 kW

Current Measuring Accuracy

±0.03% of measured value, ±150 mA

Energy Recovery Capability

96 %

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