The Genesys 2015 product release includes:

  • New Keysight Sys-Parameters of frequency-temperature-bias dependent RF system components
  • New Sys-Parameter vendor libraries from Mini-Circuits and Analog Devices
  • New X-Parameter library from X-Microwave
  • New Tutorial videos covering all 11 Genesys synthesis capabilities
  • New 3-D interactive plotting
  • New Multi-dimensional interpolator
  • New MATLAB script debugger with full MATLAB compatibility
  • New RF system DC power estimator for specifying required power supplies
  • New Library Builder for creating your own XML parts libraries
  • Updated Momentum electromagnetic engine with improved capacity and speed
  • Updated layout and Momentum 3D viewer with improved functionality, speed and capacity
  • Updated 64-bit Verilog-A compiler for use with latest Verilog-A models
  • Native 64-bit operation for increased memory access, capacity and speed
  • Usability enhancements in menu picks, mouse operations and error messages
  • Code enhancements for increased stability


Genesys RF and Microwave Design SoftwareGenesys 2015 introduces Keysight Sys-Parameters, a new breakthrough convenience in modeling RF system components from published datasheet specs for use directly in simulation. Sys-parameters are RF system component parameters such as P1dB, IP2, IP3, gain and noise figure of amplifier and mixers organized in a single spreadsheet format which is easy to understand or create. Genesys 2015 includes a new multi-dimensional interpolator to simulate Sys-Parameters over frequency, temperature and bias to give the best possible RF system simulation accuracy. New Sys-Parameter libraries from leading vendors with instant right-click access to selected component datasheet and website enables you to choose and simulate hardware for your RF system easily before purchase and implementation.

The following are some pictorial highlights of what’s new in Genesys 2015.

Keysight Sys-Parameters in Genesys

Figure 1. Genesys 2015 features new Keysight Sys-Parameters of system components from popular vendors such as Mini-Circuits and Analog Devices for easy drag-and-drop into RF system simulation.


Genesys 2015 3D interactive plotting

Figure 2. Genesys 2015 interactive 3D graph for plotting multi-dimensional data from multi-variable swept analysis. This plot shows an amplifier output 1dB compression over frequency and temperature.


Genesys Synthesis Tutorial Videos

Figure 3. Genesys 2015 features 9 new synthesis tutorial videos on Mixers, Oscillators, Active Filters, Passive Filters, Equalizes, Signal Control, WhatIF, PLL and Advanced T-Line. These videos teach you how to design RF components at least 10x faster than manual methods.


Genesys MATLAB Script Debugger

Figure 4. Genesys 2015 full-featured MATLAB script debugger enables you to develop error-free, fully MATLAB compatible equations and scripts for pre- and post-processing of data for simulation and analysis.


Genesys Library Builder

Figure 5. Build component parts library easily for circuit and system parts for simulation and layout. Spreadsheet input, one row per part and use Genesys library builder to create downloadable vendor parts libraries for distribution.


New 64bit Momentum EM simulator

Figure 6. New 64-bit Momentum EM simulator is faster, higher capacity and more robust. 3D viewer has interactive connectivity detection while far field plots, as shown for this planar antenna array, are calculated from user-defined phase and amplitude excitation for each port.