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PathWave System Design

Technical Overviews

One environment for system architecture, design, and verification


RF system design challenges include mmWave frequencies, multiple antennas, complex modulation, beam steering, and sophisticated algorithms. Rough estimates, figures and formulas on spreadsheets, and internal or custom tools have trouble keeping pace.


PathWave System Design (formerly SystemVue) brings teams multi-domain modeling and simulation in one collaborative design environment for complex RF systems. It goes beyond math-based modeling with a complete RF-aware design workflow, plus decades of Keysight measurement science in RF instrumentation, ready for any system architect.


Faster prototyping, better RF designs


Teams are turning to PathWave System Design for faster, more accurate digital prototyping and design of RF systems. See how PathWave System Design fits in your system engineering workflow with a free, 30-day trial:


Why RF system design teams choose PathWave System Design


• Most advanced virtual prototyping and design platform for complex RF systems

• Faster simulation speed in time and frequency domains with near-circuit-level fidelity 

• Real-world libraries for radar, EW, satellite, phased array, 5G NR, Wi-Fi 6, and more

• Integrations with MATLAB®, STK, Wireless InSite®, HFSS, and CST Studio Suite®


Prototype complex RF systems, create new breakthroughs


Physical prototyping, especially for large, complex systems, is expensive and time-consuming. However, even if an organization has an outstanding track record of RF system design, investors and government agencies are less and less willing to fund development without seeing a prototype. In a major shift, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has outlined its Digital Engineering Strategy. Calling for digital system representations in its acquisition and procurement processes, DoD looks to encourage prototype repeatability, capture proof-of-performance sooner, and speed up communication across stakeholders. 


How do system engineering teams quickly demonstrate concepts and show ways to address challenges without too much speculative spending?


PathWave System Design is the most advanced virtual prototyping and design platform available for RF system architects, array antenna designers, RF module designers, DSP engineers, and system test engineers. It shares data with many enterprise tools for modeling and analysis of coverage scenarios, RF propagation and channels, antenna design, and baseband signal processing. Teams can drill down into part of a design reducing complexity, simulate with higher fidelity, and bring results back into the system model. 


Adding PathWave System Design to a system engineering workflow can get virtual RF system prototypes up and running faster, with improved accuracy. Teams can explore ideas and have answers for risks earlier. System architects proficient in PathWave System Design see new ways to solve difficult design challenges, opening doors to development breakthroughs in future technologies for complex RF systems.


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