Many devices do not have coaxial connectors and so they are put in fixtures in order to measure them in a coaxial environment. You must accurately remove the effects of the fixture to get a good measurement of the device under test (DUT). This option adds a powerful application wizard to guide you through characterizing a fixture and removing it from the measurement. The S95007B software is compatible with M980xA PXI Vector Network Analyzers.

  • Easily remove fixture effects from non-coaxial device measurements.
  • Extract fixture S-parameters from 2x thru or one-port measurements.
  • Step-by-step wizard helps you characterize the fixture and remove it from the measurements.
  • Save de-embedded files in a variety of formats for later use.

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  • Get 30-day free trial license.
  • Enables software application on your PXI VNA.
S96007A Automatic Fixture Removal

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