Emulate Feed-Forward (FFE), Decision Feedback (DFE), and Continuous-Time Linear Equalization (CTLE)

  • Application allows for accurate modeling of DFE, FFE and CTLE
  • FFE emulation accurately depicts hardware equalization
  • DFE is adaptive and allows for customization of the tap values


  • Removes channel effects such as lossy cables or test fixtures; commonly referred to as ‘de-embedding’
  • View waveforms anywhere in a modeled system
  • Inserts channel effects such as a standard cable model
  • Replace one or more channel element with another


  • Challenges the crosstalk analysis application addresses
  • Identify the sources of crosstalk affecting the victim
  • Quantify how much each aggressor is disrupting the victim
  • Remove the effect of crosstalk from the victim signal for analysis
  • Check how much design margin is recovered when crosstalk is removed from victim+V26

Serial Data Equalization
Equalization is becoming an increasingly important application for today's digital designers. Higher data rates coupled with longer backplanes and interconnect distances have resulted in greater signal attenuation at the receiver. The outcome is the closing of eyes at the receiver, making it difficult to distinguish between a high and a low for even the most sophisticated decoding algorithms. The Infiniium serial data equalization (SDE) software utilizes Infiniium's low noise floor and clock recovery algorithms, combined with new equalization software, to accurately depict DFE, CTLE, and FFE. Now users can model equalization and de-embedding using only their oscilloscope and the Infiniium SDE software

InfiniiSim Waveform Transformation Toolset
This application provides the most flexible and accurate means to render waveforms anywhere in the digital serial link. The configurable system modeling allows you to remove the deleterious effects of unwanted channel elements, simulate waveforms with channels models inserted, view waveforms in physically un-probable locations, compensate for loading of probes and other circuit elements, and do so simply and quickly on the real-time oscilloscope.

Cross Talk Analysis
The need for increased speeds in data communications systems has led to higher data rates and parallel data lanes, which are necessarily placed closer together. The combination of higher bit rates and tightly-spaced lines lead to an increased amount of crosstalk. As a result, crosstalk is becoming a more important problem to diagnose. Power supplies are also an important component. They can create interference on the data lanes they drive in the form of noise and jitter, and they are susceptible to data-dependent noise such as Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN), which leads to ground bounce. Keysight has developed a crosstalk analysis application to assist in the diagnosis of crosstalk. The application not only detects and quantifies the presence of crosstalk, but it can also determine which aggressors are primarily responsible. It can go one step further by actually removing the crosstalk from the victim so you can visually compare the original waveform with the clean waveform side-by-side. You can compare the “before” and “after” waveforms directly on the scope display or by comparing the results from other scope analysis tools such as real-time eye diagrams or jitter analysis. This gives the user a direct way of quantifying the amount of improvement they can expect by mitigating the different sources of crosstalk.

Compatible with all Infiniium oscilloscopes with firmware 6.30 or greater.

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