Optical multiport power meter with 2 or 4 channels, analog outputs for linear or logarithmic feedback, and option to extend the wavelength range down to 800 nm. Offers fast power range switching and uninterrupted simultaneous measurement and readout.


With the new N7742C, Keysight extends the functionality of the popular N774-C optical power meter family. The new instrument offers models for wider wavelength range, analog feedback, and finer granularity of port count, while keeping the speed and logging performance of the well-established N7744C and N7745C.

Optional extended wavelength range

In addition to the standard operating wavelength range of 1250 nm to 1650 nm (options #200, #400), this can be extended down to 800 nm with options #210 and #410.

  • -80 dBm to +10 dBm power range

Analog output port perfect for automated alignment

The N7742C optical power meter provides an analog voltage output that can be used as feedback for automated alignment applications. The voltage on each channel’s analog output port is configurable to be linearly or logarithmically proportional to the optical power level. The new logarithmic mode is very helpful for tracking the signal level over a wide dynamic range, like during probe adjustment.

  • Standard BNC connector with 0 to 2V output

Two and four port with user-exchangeable connector receptacles

N7742C is available with two (option #200, #210) or four power sensor channels (option #400, #410). The connector style can be configured individually for each port by choosing from N7742FI (FC), N7742KI (SC), N7742LI (LC) and N7742VI (ST) connector interfaces.

GUI available via LAN or USB, no software installation required

The graphical user interface opens after accessing the instrument from your web browser. If a LAN connection is not available, it is sufficient to connect the instrument via USB to a PC. The instrument shows up as a new drive with a shortcut. A click on that shortcut lets any modern browser open a connection to the instrument: the graphical user interface appears. It’s as simple as that!

  • Comprehensive hardware and trigger concept along with large memory lets adapt the power meter to many test needs
  • Instrument programming code is compatible to the Lightwave solution platform

High-speed measurement data acquisition for swept-wavelength and transient measurements

  • Short minimum averaging time of 1 µs and up to 250 kHz bandwidth
  • Data acquisition with up to 1 Million samples per second and per port
  • Memory for 1 M samples/port plus 1 M/port buffer for continuous logging with up to 3x faster data transfer
  • Frequency response matched to averaging time and stable dark-current zeroing provide high dynamic range without distorting filter shapes at high sweep speed

Members of a growing family

The N7742C benefits from the N77-C’s family-wide, common trigger concept, and a modern, browser-accessible user interface, that makes it convenient to configure the instrument’s functionality. High-speed measurement data acquisition, faster data interfaces, the use of dual-ported RAM for uninterrupted simultaneous measurement and readout, and fast power range switching help avoid unnecessary delays in the measurement process as well as in post-processing.

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