3D EM solid modeling environment and (FEM) simulator. Includes RFPro User Interface to use in PathWave ADS for automatic setup of EM-circuit co-simulation.


The W4301B PathWave EM Design Core, FEM, ADS RFPro UI includes:

  • 3DEM solid modeling environment
  • Finite Element Method (FEM) 3D EM simulator for electrically small structures
  • RFPro User Interface for automatic EM-circuit cosimulation in ADS

PathWave EM Design core environment for creating, importing and editing 3D geometries to prepare them for 3DEM simulation with the addition of ports, boundary conditions and material properties. Also creates parameterized 3D geometries such as RF connectors for export to PathWave ADS for multi-technology assembly. Includes FEM simulator that can also be used in ADS. RFPro User Interface is for use in ADS to setup EM-circuit cosimulation automatically on any selected portion of the 3D layout without cookie cutting.

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