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Keysight Technologies offers a wide range of oscilloscope probes and accessories for various applications and measurements. Whether you need to measure voltage, current, optical, or high-frequency signals, Keysight has the right probe for you. You can choose from passive, active, differential, power rail, current, and optical probes with bandwidths from DC to 60 GHz and input ranges from 50 µA to 3000 A. Keysight's probes are compatible with most Keysight oscilloscopes that have either standard BNC inputs or AutoProbe interfaces. AutoProbe interfaces provide automatic detection of probe attenuation, control of selectable probe attenuation, and probe DC offset on many probes. Keysight also provides additional resources such as selection guides, datasheets, application notes, and videos to help you select and use the best probe for your needs. To learn more about Keysight's oscilloscope probes and accessories, visit To get a quote or rent a probe from Keysight's premier rental partners, visit To contact Keysight for technical support or sales inquiries, visit Keysight enables innovators to push the boundaries of engineering by quickly solving design, emulation, and test challenges to create the best product experiences. Start your innovation journey at
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