• Ready-to-teach package for a full-semester covering 75 hours of classroom sessions and 50 hours of lab sessions
  • The courseware comes with teaching slides and a training kit (with BeagleBone board, lab sheets and problem-based assignments for hands-on learning) and is designed to work with hardware instruments and Keysight software, forming a complete teaching solution
  • Courseware integrates hands-on industry relevant experiences and real-world applications in IoT design and testing
  • Participant in University Student Certification Program

Keysight’s ready-to-teach Advanced IoT courseware is designed to assist educators in quickly setting up new engineering courses on the Internet of Things, with the intention of producing students who will fully understand the challenges and requirements of the IoT system design cycle, from design and validation to deployment in the market. In addition to teaching practical design and test techniques from the fundamentals of system design to wireless communication and power measurement, this courseware will also cover critical design considerations that have emerged with the evolution of the Internet of Things, such as cybersecurity, compliance and continuity.

The IoT System Design and Validation Fundamentals lab setup is a ready-to-teach package focusing on the fundamentals of the Internet of Things and embedded system design. It introduces students to IoT architecture, technologies, standards, wireless protocols, applications, and ecosystems. It also covers IoT embedded system design that includes device cybersecurity basics.

Looking for the courseware without teaching slides? Check out the U3813A IoT System Design and Validation Fundamentals, with Training Kit and Lab Sheet.

Recommended Instruments:

  • 34465A Digital Multimeter - Digital multimeter with data logging, digitizing and auto calibration
  • DSOX1204G Oscilloscope - 70/100/200 MHz, 4 analog channels, with a built-in waveform generator

Recommended year of study:

  • Second to final year undergraduates


BeagleBone® Green MCU is required to form a complete IoT training kit. Keysight is not able to ship to all countries. Please refer to the country list below:

Countries: USA, Canada, Europe, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, India, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Mexico

All Others: BeagleBone® Green must be purchased separately. https://beagleboard.org/green

Download Advanced IoT sample courseware.

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