SL1740A provides sink and source with 1000 to 1500 V, 300 to 900A, and 300 kW.


Meet the SL1700A Battery Pack Test System

Keysight’s SL1700A Scienlab Battery Test System – Pack Level Series allows to realistically emulate the environment of the future battery pack application in order to test the high-power battery pack comprehensively and improve its functions and safety. The growing demand of e-mobility increases the need of vast battery test labs for EV battery development. Keysight developed the SL1700A Series to accelerate the development and validation of batteries. It offers a voltage range of up to 1500 V and power options between 100 and 300 kW including a Performance Bundle to increase the power up to 300 kW. The new high-voltage SiC (silicon carbide) technology provides a high energy efficiency on a small footprint and helps to minimize your operating costs.

  • SiC technology for higher dynamics, precision, and efficiency
  • Up to 1.5 MW power due to parallelization
  • Small footprint thanks to (modular and) compact design
  • Reduce costs for energy and cooling water due to efficient and cost-effective operation with a recovery capability of 96%
  • Extendibility of the systems to meet future needs of higher current, voltage or power

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