Since there are different versions of both the PSA firmware and the N9039A software, and not all are compatible with each other, having compatible versions of both is required for proper system operation.

This list is meant to document what N9039A software versions are require from the different PSA firmware versions.

PSA Firmware vs. N9039A Software
PSA Firmware Version N9039A Software Version Approx. Release Date
 A.10.04  A.01.01  August 02, 2007
 A.10.05  A.01.01  September 24, 2007
 A.10.07  A.01.02  October 31, 2007
 A.10.08  A.01.05  December 20, 2007
 A.11.01  A.01.05 & A.02.02*  May 16, 2008
 A.11.04  A.01.05 & A.02.02*  July 07, 2008
 A.11.05  A.01.05, A.02.02, or A.02.06*  November 01, 2008
 A.11.07  A.01.05, A.02.02, or A.02.06*  February 23, 2009
 A.11.11  A.01.05, A.02.02, or A.02.06*  June 30, 2009
 A.11.13  A.01.05, A.02.02, or A.02.06*  November 11, 2009
 A.11.16  A.01.05, A.02.02, A.02.06, or A.02.07*  February 11, 2010
 A.11.18 A.01.05, A.02.02, A.02.06, or A.02.07*  January 26, 2011

* Denoted the recommend versions

Please note: If there are gaps in the software revision numbering in the table above it is due to the fact that not all software revisions were released for customer use. This list is for customer released versions only.

Beginning with PSA firmware version A.10.08 it will check the version of the N9039A software whenever a connection is made between the two instruments. Starting with the N9039A software version A.01.05 it also knows which version of the PSA firmware it is compatible with. With both instruments knowing what versions of the other instrument's software it is compatible with they will compare notes and let the user know if either requires an update, as well as what version it should be.

If a software or firmware update is required the user will be alerted to this fact on the PSA status bar, as shown in the following image.