The Keysight Photonic Application Suite is a collection of advanced and basic software tools for automating optical measurements and analysis, especially for determining wavelength and polarization dependence of fiberoptic network components. The PAS Version 3 software adds support for the new N77-C generation of optical instruments and PXI SMU, adopts a new 64-bit implementation and introduces the new Lambda Scan measurement package for enhanced performance and more flexible features. Automation in the same way as with predecessor N7700A PAS software makes updating existing installations easy and fast.

Software packages

  • Main Package: analyze results in a powerful viewer, save results in viewable format, installs Photonic Applications Package Manager.
  • LS Engine: extends and merges IL/PDL, FSIL and PMD functionality for lambda scans without or with polarization control using the N7786C, N7786B, or N7788C. LS supports two-way sweeps, extended dynamic detection range, and switching of multiple lasers for wider wavelength range and use of source/measure units for photocurrent detection, with the M9601A/14A/15A PXI and B2900-series SMU. power meters. Now with more flexible step setting resolution! Both polarization-resolved and fixed-polarization with the N7786C.
  • IL Engine: measure insertion loss vs. wavelength with a tunable laser and power meters 
  • (no license required)
  • Fast Spectral Loss Engine (FSIL): calibrate and adjust devices at repetition rates up to 10x faster than the IL engine using N774x power meters
  • IL/PDL Engine: measure IL and PDL vs. wavelength using the N7786B with the advanced single-sweep Mueller method, also responsivity for integrated detector devices
  • N7700 PAS TAP Plugin: easily automate LS and IL/PDL engines in PathWave Test Automation (TAP) version 8.8.
  • Polarization Navigator: use and control N778xB instruments (no license required)
  • Drivers, firmware, documents, N77xx Viewer: keep equipment and guides up to date 

The swept-wavelength measurement engines now support the new tunable lasers, power meters, and polarization synthesizer: Keysight N7776C, N7778C, N7744C, N7745C, N7786C, N7788C as well as the modular lasers Keysight 81606A, 81607A, 81608A and 81602A.

The new N77xxC instruments enable faster data transfer and power meter range-switching for extending the dynamic range. The flexible triggering of the N7786C now allows flexible choice of measurements for polarization dependence or faster measurements at a single  fixed and stabilized polarization using the LS Engine.

With the LS support of the new M9601A PXI SMU module, higher sampling rates and more data points are also available for measuring optical-to-electrical devices with integrated photodiodes, while providing flexible biasing and electrically floating connections. It addresses the increasing use of the PAS solutions for parametric testing of photonic integrated circuits at the chip and wafer stage.

It’s easy to try out. Start by downloading and installing the small setup program for the Package Manager, which will support installation of the desired software packages. You can also request trial licenses if needed.

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